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Chase Hunter

New York City - 2nd Review

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Tommy Rawlins

Dallas - 1st Review


Alex #9

London - New Email & Website

New Review w/Photo

Jack Hill

Austin - 1st Review



Philadelphia - 6th Review



San Francisco - 5th Review


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Chase Hunter - New York City

Chase  Hunter

Coverboy 04/14/2010

Review #3 - 08/30/2013
  • Chase Hunter
  • fort Lauderdale
  • Gay
  • In/Out
  • Muscled
  • 180-190 lbs (82-86 kg)
  • 9-10" (22-25 cm), Cut, Thick
  • Caucasian
  • Short, Blond
  • Hazel
  • Mustash
  • Light
  • Escort
  • French
  • Both
  • Top
  • US $
  • 500
  • 1500
  • fort Lauderdale
  • 7/13
  • 2 Hours
  • 500
  • Recommended
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Other Website
  • Www.rentboy.com
  •   I have had the pleasure of meeting with Chase several times over the last five years. Having enjoyed his old Falcon videos over the years, Im pleased to say that he has gotten more handsome as he ages (we should all be so lucky!). Even in his 40s, his body is still chiseled, and he has just a hint of chest fuzz.

    Sexually, he is very active. Deep kisser, gives oral as good as he gets. He is of course still a great top. I'm pretty tight, and I appreciate how he takes his time when he enters me.

    He is also very personable. He likes to chat a bit before festivities begin. I love how he never rushes.
  • Dchotasianguy (5 or more Reviews )
  •   athletic Asian who travels for work

Review #2, 04/14/2010

Name:       Chase Hunter
Location: New York NY
Email:       chfl@aol.com
Phone:      +1 937-207-3883

Ethnicity: Caucasian   Age: 40's
Height: 6'0" (183 cm)   Weight: 170-180 lbs (77-82 kg)   Build: Muscled
Eyes: Green   Hair: Blond
Body Hair: Light   Facial Hair: Mustash
Cock: Cut 8-9" (20-22 cm) Huge
Smoking: No   Drinking: No   

Orientation: Mostly Gay   Calls: In/Out
Roles: Companion,Escort,Modeling,Worship,Travel
Kissing: French   Masturbation: Both   Anal: Versatile   Oral: Both   
Rates for time only (US $): 1st=500   

Date: 03/2010   Type: 1 Hour   Where: San Francisco   Rate: 500
Rating: Recommended   Hire Again? Yes
Where Found? Other   Which: www.rentboy.com
Reviewed Before?    Match Description? Yes   Lived up? Yes

I had the pleasure, and I do mean "pleasure" of meeting him today. Chase has always been a fantasy man of mine since his Falcon video days. While I was ready to "jump" on the opportunity to meet with him face-to-face, I admit I was worried that my fantasy might be lessened by seeing him after some years have passed since "Basic Plumbing". Let me just say after seeing Chase, my fantasy man is even more-so! His arms bulged in his sleeveless tank when we met in his lobby. His ever-hard video cock is even bigger and harder in person! If you go to his rentboy.com ad and click on his "recent pics" they are 100% accurate. Chase was wonderful in every way. He was bright, personable, exuded sensuality and sexuality through his pores. Chase even got me comfortable doing things I'd never done before in a first meeting with anyone.

Handle: evanssf
Submissions: Third Review

You: In my 50's...professional man loves to worship the BIG guys!

Review #1, 09/15/2009

Name:       Chase Hunter
Location: New York
Email:       chfl@aol.com
Phone:     +1 937-207-3883

Ethnicity: Caucasian   Age: 40's
Height: 6'0" (183 cm)   Weight: 170-180 lbs (77-82 kg)   Build: Muscled
Eyes: Blue   Hair: Average Dark Blond
Cock: Cut 8-9" (20-22 cm) Thick

Orientation: Gay   Calls: In/Out
Roles: Escort
Kissing: French   Masturbation: Both   Anal: Top   Oral: Gets   
Rates for time only (US $): 1st=500   

Date: 07/2009   Type: 1 Hour   Where: New York   Rate: 500
Rating: Recommended   Hire Again? Yes
Where Found? Other Website   Which: rentboy
Reviewed Before?    Match Description? Yes   Lived up? Yes

I saw Chase's ad on visitor rentboy and sent him an email. We got together at his hotel for an hours. I was a little leery because he is expensive, but decided to try it.

When I got to the hotel Chase was showering behind a glass shower door. He said he hope I did not mind as he just got in from the gym. It was quite a show. He has a fantastic body and I just watched awe-struck as he toweled off and shaved.

We got to the bed and we started kissing. I started lapping at his nipples and biting them tenderly. I then went down to the that huge piece of meat. It was hard to get it all in but I tried. As I did he played with his and my nipples. I gently played with his balls and he he said I could be rougher. So I accomodated him.

When I said, I love to rim him. He then place my head on my pillows and squatted over me. I ate out his clean ass and he asked how I liked to get fucked. I said I wanted missionary. He slapped on a rubber and plowed gently in me but he did not stay gentle for long. He plowed me and then flipped me over and did me doggy style.

We rotated between rimming, missionary and doggy-style. Then while we were missionary, he intensified his thrusting playing with my dick. i grabbed my dick and as he shot his load into the condom, I shot mine.

He kissed me afterward and dumped his load onto mine. Our bellies (my belly, his eight-pack) met mixed them together. Chase was worth the money. I'm glad he is not NY a lot. I'd be broke in no time.

Handle: damascene
Submissions: 5 or more Reviews

You: I'm a business man in his 40's who life is often to busy for games of the bars. I'm a bottom pig who loves big manly tops who love being serviced