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Jack Dixon

Seattle - 1st Review


Aaron Mark

Las Vegas - 62nd Review


AJ Doyle

Orange County - 3rd Review


May 24th, 2018

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Coverboy Jack Dixon of Seattle

Jack Dixon of Seattle


Busy Reloading the G-Rated Server

By Daddy

Las Vegas, NV — I'm busy reloading the G-Rated box. It'll be several days as I'm rearranging it's working environment. I now have the basic system installed including the database server, and a good start on the webserver.

My income for the site is down to the lowest level that it's been over the last decade. Low enough that I going to have to dip into the reserves again for May. Once again I'd like to thank you for your generous donations which will be going to my surviving May. My reserves are at the 80% level and are about to drop. Any help is welcome.

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Big Old Hug and a Kiss,

Out.com MAreit-FirstFlight.jpg

Gay Dads Wrote Adorable Note To Plane Passengers To Apologize For Their 18-day-old’s First Flight

By Bobby Schuessler

Cyberspace — Well, isn't this sweet. As Attitude reported, two gay dads handed out adorable goodie bags and a note to plane passengers to pre-empt any apologies for their 18-day-old daughter’s first flight. (More)

U.S. Postal Service Will Issue Scratch-n-Sniff Stamps

By Associated Press

Washington, DC — The U.S. Postal Service announced this week that it will soon issue its first scratch-and-sniff stamps. The stamps feature illustrations of ice pops. The agency says the stamps will "add the sweet scent of summer" to letters. (More)

TowelRoad.com Matt Bomer - Naked Shower Scene

Matt Bomer Was Left Naked On Stage Without A Towel

By Andy Towle

Hollywood — The highlight of Bomer’s interview was a story about his third preview of the show, when his character is required to take a shower on stage. Bomer got in the shower, naked, and realized the prop crew had neglected to leave a towel for him. (More)

Gay Star News

Adam Rippon Has Just Won Dancing With The Stars

By Shannon Power

Hollywood — Winter Olympic figure skating medallist, Adam Rippon, has just become the first openly gay person to win the US version of Dancing with the Stars. (More)

queerty.com Brian Jordan - Pride 50

The Proud Rise And Rise Of Brian Jordan Alvarez

By David Reddish

Hollywood — Besides speaking his unapologetically Gay truth, though, Brian’s humor always makes us burst with pride. He manages to find the funny in day-to-day Gay life, living in Los Angeles, or just the bemusement of adult life in general. (More)

Gay Men Still Don’t Believe Undetectable = Untransmittable

By Zachary Zane

Cyberspace — Misinformation and fear led Drs. Jonathon Rendina and Jeffrey Parsons to explore whether gay and bi men actually believe that undetectable = untransmittable.. (More)

365 Gay Brian Hutchison - Boys In TheBand

Actor Brian Hutchison on His (Possibly) Closeted Boys in the Band Character

By Neal Broverman

Broadway — You've likely seen Brian Hutchison playing a tough guy in shows like Instinct, Elementary, Vinyl, and Jessica Jones — or on stage in productions like Man and Boy and Looped. His all-American masculinity made him perfect for the is-he-or-isn't-he-gay character of Alan in the new, all-gay revival of The Boys in the Band. We spoke to Hutchison about his role and the fears that men like Alan still harbor for feminine guys. (More)