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San Francisco - 1st Review


Derrick Rose

New Haven - 3rd Review



New York City - 3rd Review


Franklin James

Portland - 2nd Review



San Francisco - 80th Review



Toronto - 5th Review


Damien Ford

Milwaukee - 3rd Review


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May 22nd, 2015

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Coverboy CJ - San Francisco

CJ - San Francisco


Matthew Lewis Out.com

Matthew Lewis Strips Down and Talks Teeth

By Jerry Portwood

Cyberspace — The actor who played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films shows off his athletic build for U.K. Gay magazine Attitude (More)

ACLU sues Michigan over driver's licenses for transgender individuals

By Ed White (AP)

Detroit, MI — Six transgender Michigan residents sued the state Thursday over its strict policy on changing gender identities on driver's licenses. (More)

Tom Daley's 21st Review

Birthday Sportscake: Diving Into Tom Daley's Instagram

By Snicks

Cyberspace — Tom Daley turns 21 today, and it's sometimes easy to forget with all his accomplishments that he is still so young. (More)

Boy Scouts' Leader Says Ban on Gay Adults Not Sustainable

By Associated Press

Atlanta, GA — The national president of the Boy Scouts of America, Robert Gates, said Thursday that the organization's longstanding ban on participation by openly Gay adults is no longer sustainable, and called for change in order to avert potentially destructive legal battles. (More)

Heterophobic Cabbie queerty.com

The "Heterophobic" Cabbie Will Drive You Anywhere ... So Long As You?re Not Straight

By Editors

Ireland — Need a lift? The heterophobic cabbie is happy to drive you to your destination. Assuming you're not "a breeder," that is. (More)

Gay Star News

Federal judge brings statewide clarity to confusing Gay marriage situation in Alabama

By Greg Hernandez

Alabama — Probate judges must issue licenses to same-sex couples but ruling on hold until US Supreme Court rules on pending marriage cases (More)

Stephen Fry 365 Gay

Stephen Fry Goes Gaelic for Irish Marriage Equality

By Thom Senzee

Hollywood — Stephen Fry, host of the hit British comedy-panel show Q1, says he's not sure about gay marriage — but his husband is. (More)