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Alex #4

Los Angeles - 1st Review

New Review w/Photo


Orlando - 1st Review

New Review w/Photo

Mike Sinz

Fort Lauderdale - 1st Review

New Review w/Photo


Miami - 1st Review


Ethan #2

New York City - 4th Review


Jaxton Wheeler

Las Vegas - 4th Review


Zachery Scott

Las Vegas - 38th Review



New York City - 13th Review


Cyd St Vincent

Reno - 2nd Review


July 27th, 2017

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Coverboy Alex #4 of Los Angeles

Alex #4 of Los Angeles


Still a bit under the weather

By Daddy 07/20/2017

Las Vegas, NV — Moving very slow today. Met a brother from another mother. So many things in common that it was borderline scary. Very tired but I got todays's reviews out.I'm still looking forward to the downtime this weekend.

Thank-you to all for you support! Any donations are gratefully accepted: donation page. Reminder: If you have a message-forum handle be sure to let me know.

Big Old Hug and a Kiss,

Gavin Grimm - Gets His Day In Court

Gavin Grimm will finally have his day in court

By Dawn Ennis

Virginia — The Virginia transgender teenager fighting for his right to use the boy's bathroom &mdzxh; now a high school graduate — announced on Facebook he now has a court date to challenge the district's discriminatory policy. (More)

Here's How World Leaders Reacted To Trump's Transgender Military Ban

By Carla Herreria

World — As the U.S. president insulted LGBTQ troops as too costly, other countries stood up for them. (More)

Charlie XCX - Boys TowelRoad.com

Charlie XCX's New Video

By Andy Towle

Charlie XCX's new 'Boys' video features more famous boys than you can count in just one watch. (More)


Cows May Lead Us to An HIV Vaccine

By Desiree Guerrero

Cyberspace — Who knew the secret to developing an HIV vaccine would be lying in the immune system of a cow? (More)

George Takai - Trumps Trans Ban queerty.com

George Takei brutally takes down Trump's transgender military ban

By Derek de Koff

Cyberspace — It didn't take long for George Takei to take to social media to sharply criticize Donald Trump's Wednesday morning announcement via Twitter that he'd ban transgender people from joining the military. (More)

'Pharma Bro' Won't Stop Talking, Except to Jury in Trial

By Staff

Cyberspace — "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli has kept up his trademark trolling on social media during his securities fraud trial - calling the case "bogus" - but the jury won't hear him defend himself in court. (More)


Watch what happened after a fanboy after he asked if he could smell Ezra's breath

By Joe Morgan

San Diego — Ezra Miller is having a pretty good time at San Diego Comic Con. The out actor has dressed up in cosplay, promoted the upcoming Justice League film, and chatting with fans. (More)