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Shawn Owens

Raleigh - 1st Review

New Review w/Photo

Jordy London

London - 1st Review


Adam Simply

New York City - New Photo


Rod Hagen

Hollywood - 120th Review


Ryan Steel

New York City - 29th & 30th Reviews


October 27th, 2016

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Coverboy Shawn Owens

Shawn Owens


Donnie Darko TheWrap.jpg

Six Mind-Bending ‘Donnie Darko’ Facts on Film’s 15th Anniversary

By Meriah Doty

Hollywood — Events in genre-warping Jake Gyllenhaal movie remain a mystery to this day (More)

'Transgender People Are Not Gay, Except For The Gay Ones,'

By Staff

Philadelphia, PA — "Obviously these are components of a specialized medical course for transgender people, requiring dedicated, specialized training and unique sensitivities, especially in the way the medical community relates to transgender people," observed Dr. Leis. (More)

Charlyn Daugherty - Poltiical Ad

A Viral Texas GOP Campaign Ad


Travis County, TX — Gerald Daugherty, a Republican county commissioner in Travis County, Texas, is running for re-election. But his wife, Charlyn, is the star of his new campaign ad that’s going viral. (More)


Pentatonix Gives ‘Hallelujah’ A Viral Cappella Cover

By Sean Mandell

Hollywood — A cappella group Pentatonix have taken on Leonard Cohen’s classic “Hallelujah” in a new music video recently released. (More)

Karis Wilde - Deodorant Ad queerty.com

Deodorant Ad Perfectly Nails What’s Wrong With The Trans Bathroom Debate

By Dan Tracer

Cyberspace — Leave it to a deodorant company to get what so many elected officials in this country can’t quite wrap their heads around — that there is no “one way” to express gender. (More)

Turns out 'Patient Zero' Gaëtan Dugas wasn't source of HIV/AIDS outbreak

By Greg Hernandez

Cyberspace — The man known as ‘Patient Zero,’ long accused of triggering the AIDS epidemic in the US, has been exonerated. (More)

Dustin McNeer

Christmas Comes Early

By Staff

Cyberspace — Christmas came early this week after nude pics allegedly belonging to former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ hunk Dustin McNeer leaked online [click here to see the NSFW picture]. (More)