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Rob Benson

World - 1st Review



New York City - 14th Review


Ivan McClain

Chicago - 8th Review


Dim Valent

Indianapolis - 4th Review


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June 29th, 2016

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Coverboy Rob Benson - New York City

Rob Benson - New York City


AlexanderSkarsgard-GaySexScenes.jpg Out.com

Alexander Skarsgård on Gay Sex Scenes, His Queer Uncle, and Gaga

By Dan Heching

Hollywood — Actor Alexander Skarsgård is known, loved, and worshipped for his iconic role as the pansexual, devilishly sexy vampire Eric in the dear departed series True Blood, (More)

Queensland Finally Takes Steps To Repeal 'Gay Panic' Defense

By Charline JAo

Gueensland, Australia — Queensland is finally taking action to repeal the Homosexual Advance Defense from their criminal code. (More)

Steve Grand - The Thrist Is Real TowelRoad.com

Steve Grand: The Thirst Is Real

By Sean Mandell

Hollywood — Steve Grand made lemons out of lemonade recently when a planned recording session got cancelled. The singer turned a missed opportunity into a chance to relax, and unwind and inspire thirst. (More)

Westboro Baptist Hate Group Has A New Colorful Neighbor

By Adrian Garcia

Topeka, KS — The Equality House, a rainbow colored house that sits directly across the street from the anti-LGBT hate group, the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), just expanded its presence by purchasing a house next door and painting it the colors of the transgender flag in support of the transgender community. (More)

Van Hansis - You've Got To Stay Angry

Post-orlando, Gay Actor Van Hansis Says: 'You've Got To Stay Angry'

By Greg Hernandez

New York City, NY — Van Hansis felt it was important to be out at New York City Pride over the weekend — especially in light of what happened in Orlando, Florida, earlier this month. (More)


America's Got ... A Transgender Comedian Bringing Down the House

By Elizabeth Daley

Hollywood — F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote, "There are no second acts in American lives," but he obviously never met transgender comedian Julia Scotti. At the age of 63, Scotti took the stage of America's Got Talent last week to regale the audience with her humor, before coming out to fans as transgender. (More)

Jan Versteegh & Tim Hofjman - Fight Homophobia queerty.com

Straight Dutch TV Presenters Get Naked (And Intimate) To Fight Homophobia

By Staff

Cyberspace — There are many ways to fight homophobia. Some choose to do it with nudity and awesomeness. Today's case in point: Jan Versteegh and Tim Hofman, co-hosts on the Dutch broadcasting network BNN, who have taken it upon themselves to strip down for L'Homo magazine's June Issue to question people's assumptions about masculinity and sexuality. (More)