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Nicky Blue Eyes

San Francisco - 4th Review



Montreal - 3rd Review



Dallas - 5th Review

New Review w/Photo

Fenton Brown

New York City - 1st Review



San Diego - 7th Review


David Anthony

Philadelphia - 9th Review



New York City - 4th Review


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October 21st, 2014

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Coverboy Nicky Blue Eyes - San Francisco

Nicky Blue Eyes - San Francisco



Ryan Taylor - I want to RideI Want To Ride

By Out.com Editors

Cybespace — Let's shift gears. Photography by Bjarne Jonasson, clothing by Bottega Veneta. More)

Federal government to recognize same-sex marriages in 7 new states

By Eric Tucker (AP)

Washington, DC — The federal government will recognize same-sex marriages in seven more states and extend federal benefits to those couples, the Justice Department said Friday. (More)

Gay Kissing - How to get away with murderShonda Rhimes Destroys Twitter User Complaining About Gay Sex Scenes

By Jason St. Amand

Hollywood — As promised, show runner Shonda Rhimes' new ABC hit show "How to Get Away With Murder" is packed with lots of (Gay) sex. (More)

Gay Star News

Russian lawmaker wants Finnish Tom of Finland stamps banned as 'Gay propaganda'

By Andrew Potts

St. Petersburg, Russia — St Petersburg lawmaker Vitaly Milonov wants all mail bearing erotic Tom of Finland stamps to be returned to sender and for Finns to not use the stamps when mailing Russia (More)

Channing Tatum's Dirty Dancing SpoofChanning Tatum's Early "Dirty Dancing" Efforts

By The Backlot

Hollywood — Channing Tatum has starred in Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street and a bunch of other more forgettable stuff. But you can add this grainy, fifteen-year old video to his pile of keepers! (More)


Ten Things You Should Know About Gay Bars From A Castro Bartender

By Yuri Kagan

San Francisco, CA — As a Castro bartender at establishments ranging from Badlands to Blackbird for nearly a decade, Yuri Kagan has seen and heard just about everything. (More)

365 Gay

President ObamaObama: Constitution 'Does Guarantee Same-Sex Marriage in All 50 States'

By Sunnivie Brydum

Washington, DC — The former University of Chicago law professor told The New Yorker he believes the U.S. Constitution includes a right to same-sex marriage. (More)