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Portland - 65th Review


Brick Tavern

Los Angeles - New Photo


Matt #3

London - New Web


JT Torretto

New York City - Response to #13


Michael Vicenzo

World - 124th Review


Adam Michaels

Orlando - 83rd & 84th Review


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August 31st, 2015

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Coverboy Tyger Bhugghatti - Portland

Tyger Bhugghatti - Portland


Gary Indiana - Savage Grace Out.com

Savage Grace

By Dale Peck

Cyberspace — The blunt, acerbic honesty of Gary Indiana has turned him into one of America's most illuminating journalists. His 'first and last' memoir builds on that legacy. (More)

Gay Activists Fume Over De Blasio's Role In Rentboy.com Raid

By Richard Johnson

New York City, NY — Gay activists are furious over the rentboy.com raid and arrests for prostitution — and they are wondering why Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner William Bratton worked with the federal prosecutors in Brooklyn. (More)

Sergeant Craig Lovelace

Norfolk Police Department Appoints Sergeant As New LGBTQ Liaison Officer

By Brad Kutner

Norfolk, VI — The concept of an LGBTQ Police Liaison program can be hard for some folks to swallow. (More)

Gay Star News

Sex Crime Case Against Us Gay Activist Will Be Dismissed

By James Withers

Eugene, OR — It seems the sex crime case against a major US LGBTI political donor, who helped create a number of gay rights organizations, will be dropped early this week. (More)

Rob Yaeger - The Policitics Of Sex

This Video Will Change The Way You Think About Sex Work

By Jake Jason

Cyberspace — Growing up, I was told there were three things you don't discuss in "polite society" -- politics, religion, and sex. And that was always odd to me because that's all people talked about in South Louisiana. (More)

Homeland Security's Peculiar Prosecution of Rentboy

By The Editorial Board

New York City, NY — The website Rentboy.com is accused of connecting male sex workers with clients, enabling prostitution, which is unlawful virtually everywhere in the country. (More)

Braeden Lange - Found His Courage 365 Gay

How This 12-Year-Old Lacrosse Player Found His Courage

By Sunnivie Brydum

Philadelphia, PA — When 12-year-old Braeden Lange was being bullied by classmates after coming out to his friends and family this spring, he was so distraught he considered suicide. (More)

Daddy Sez: ESPN - The Courage Game