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Abel Rey

New York City - 5th Review

New Review w/Photo

Johnathan Rios

San Francisco - 1st Review

New Review w/Photo


New York City - 1st Review


Mitch Branson

San Francisco - 17th Review


Marc Giacomo

New York City - 6th Review


Alec & Ryan

Los Angeles - 17th Review


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July 4th, 2014

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Coverboy Abel Rey - New York City

Abel Rey - New York City


365 Gay

Graham Patrick MartinHow Major Crimes' Actor and Gay Showrunner Created One of Best Gay Characters on TV

By Diane Anderson-Minshall

Hollywood — The TNT series' Monday July 7 episode proves it can be done. Actor Graham Patrick Martin talks with us about Rusty, playing a homeless queer youth, gay TV cliches, and why being called a "faggot" hurts. (More)

Colorado Attorney General files suit against Boulder County

By Associated Press

Denver, CO — Colorado's Republican attorney general on Thursday followed through with his threat to sue the Boulder County clerk for issuing same-sex marriage licenses. (More)

Corey SevierBirthday Beefcake: The Shirtless Evolution Of Corey Sevier

By Snicks

Cyberspace — Canada Day was two days ago, but it should probably be officially extended in order to celebrate the 30th birthday of Corey Sevier. (More)

Bluewater Comic Releases "Big Gay Comic Book"

By Winnie McCroy

Cyberspace — For Gay Pride Month, Bluewater teams up with popular LGBTQIA website, LezGetReal.com, to celebrates the lives of the icons and activists, performers and pundits who have made a difference in the gay community. (More)

Gay Star News

The Proud WhopperBurger King under fire for their new Gay burger

By Joe Morgan

San Francisco, CA — Several homophobic social media users are boycotting the fast food giant for their 'fag burgers.' The fast-food giant revealed The Proud Whopper, a limited edition product sold only in San Francisco for one week only. (More)


Jaxon Radoc & Davey WaveyPay Davey Wavey's Rent By Watching Him Make Out With This Gay Porn Model

By Matthew Tharrett

Cyberspace — We spend two years of our life kissing," according to shirtless YouTube guru Davey Wavey, so why not make the best of it? (More)


BaathhausBAATHHAUS Puts Twist on Prom in New Video

By Ennis Hinzmann

Cyberspace — The synthpop group plays with traditional gender roles of the high school ritual BAATHHAUS calls their music "queer-electro-fuck" and want you to do the same. (More)