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Kurtis Wolfe

Austin - 1st Review



New York City - New Photo



Vancouver - 3rd Review



Baltimore - 9th Review


Chris Wydeman

Seattle - 13th Review


Casey Jones

New York City - 6th Review



Dallas - 5th Review



Dallas - 9th Review


James West

London - 19th Review


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September 2nd, 2014

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Coverboy Kurtis Wolfe - Austin

Kurtis Wolfe - Austin


Labor Day Status

By Daddy

I've just finished up the current round of antibiotics and I have what I hope will be the last visit with the specialist this week.

It's a strange fence that I have to walk right now. I need the physical exercise to regain the strength that I lost, but if I over do it then I end up in bed asleep for a extended period.

Somebody asked if I'm still accepting donations. Always! I'm still a server short, so any donations will go towards new hardware.

I'm currently working on getting the two servers in Seattle shipped down to Las Vegas. That'll give me chance to see if they're recoverable and if at least one is, will allow me to shut the temporary server down.

I currently have 275 reviews in queue with about 60 scheduled to be processed on this week. The review at the top of the queue was submitted 6/30.


Michael Sam - Not Picked upMichael Sam Passed Over By Every NFL Team

By Out.com Editors

United States — Michael Sam had hoped to become the NFL's first out player but was cut from the Rams on Saturday and not picked up by any other team by the deadline. (More)

Charlie Crist urges Florida Governor not to appeal same-sex marriage ruling

By Staff

Florida — Former Florida governor Charlie Crist, who won this week's Democratic primary in his bid to return to the governor's office, sent a letter Friday to GOP Gov. Rick Scott, urging him not to appeal the recent federal court ruling declaring Florida's same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional. (More)

Scotty Wandell - Brother & SistersWorking Stiffs: Eight Of Our Favorite Labor Gays

By Snicks

Hollywood — Some people deserve the day off more than others, for instance, these eight guys. They're some of the hardest working gays on TV, dedicated to their jobs, and teaching us all a lesson about perseverance. (More)

House Calls for Frail Elders Bring Savings

By Lauran Neergaard (AP)

Study — Ten or 12 times a year, Beatrice Adams' daughter would race her frail mother to the emergency room for high blood pressure or pain from a list of chronic illnesses. (More)


Steve Grand - ALS ChallengeSteve Grand Puts Nude Spin On Ice Bucket Challenge

By Staff

Duluth, MN — If you're among those who have been ambivalent about taking the fund-raising Ice Bucket Challenge due to the severe drought plaguing parts of the world, you can count Steve Grand among your number. (More)

Gay Star News

Sydney Convicts win the Bingham Cup world cup of Gay rugby

By Andrew Potts

Sydney, Australia — Australia's Sydney Convicts gay rugby club has dominated the Bingham Cup world cup of gay rugby, winning the Bingham Cup after defeating the Brisbane Hustlers 31-0 (More)

365 Gay

Tobias Grinblat Dermgerd & FathersSwiss Gay Fathers Granted Parental Recognition in Landmark Surrogacy Ruling

By Mitch Kellaway

St. Gallen, Switzerland — In a first, a Swiss gay couple have been recognized as the legal parents of a child conceived via an American surrogate mother, despite surrogacy being illegal in Switzerland (More)