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Nick Wood

Atlanta - 1st Review


Tyger Bhugatti

Portland - 85th Review


Budd Cort

Portland - 16th Review


Nick of Cleveland

Nick of Cleveland

Coverboy 4/16/17

  • In/Out
  • Escort
  • 30s
  • Caucasian
  • 5ft 10in (1.78m)
  • 170-180 lbs (77-82 kg)
  • Defined
  • Hazel/Brown
  • Auburn
  • Stubble
     Requires 'opt-in'

Review #2 - 05/15/2018
  • 05/2018
  • Columbus
  • 2 Hours
  • 250
  • Recommended
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Rentmen
  • Due to my lack of experience and being a bit nervous, I decided I wanted to meet Nick for dinner first. I asked him for a recommendation on where to eat as we worked through the details.

    He suggested an Italian restaurant that ended up having an amazing chicken parmesan. I arrived well before the time as I wanted to make sure I looked my best, wasn't late because of parking in an unfamiliar area, and just all around being nervous. He arrived a little before our appointed time and flashed that beautiful smile at me. I about melted on the spot and was probably grinning like a fool.

    Dinner was amazing and the conversation was very fluid and wonderful. Like I said, I hadn't had much experience so I wasn't sure what to expect on establishing a connection, but Nick made it so easy.

    I specifically sat across the table so Nick would face the window and I could stare in those eyes as the light hit them. His smile and eyes just made me want to eat him up for desert. Plus he had this shirt with a tuft of chest hair sticking out and that stubble, W00f!

    After our dinner, we walked around a nearby park and just continued sharing and talking. Even though there were lots of people around, Nick made me feel like I was the object of his attention, which made me feel really special.

    We meandered our way back to near the restaurant and Nick suggested we go get some ice cream. If you'd see me you would know I never turn down ice cream. We went to the shop and chatted about flavors that stood out to us. While we ended up getting different flavors, I was able to appreciate his and he was able to appreciate mine. He made a better selection of ice cream, but I feel like I won the lottery on choice for a date.

    We continued to walk for a little while and he walked me back to my car. We sat in the back of the car and made out. He gave me a hug and another kiss and we said our goodbyes.

    I have to say that this experience far surpassed anything I could have imagined. Nick is a fantastic person and I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone. I've already reached back out to him about setting up another date, but this time I think I'd like to take my desert indoors ...

    A few days after our first meeting, I reached out to Nick to inquire about getting together up in Cleveland. Even though I live about 2 hours away, I had never really visited before. Nick was great at providing recommendations on where to stay, what to do, and where to eat. I ended up picking a place just SE of the city center. He was great at keeping in touch while making preparations for my visit.

    When I arrived at the hotel on a Friday, I instantly knew he picked a perfect spot for me to experience Cleveland. I spent the evening relaxing in the hotel room so I could rest up for the next day. Saturday finally came around and I was so excited to see Nick again. It had been just over 10 days since our dinner date. It felt like it had been just yesterday while also feeling like it was months ago. I think it was just me being nervous, but I just knew I had nothing to worry about since I had met him previously.

    We met for lunch at a place Nick suggested, which of course was fantastic. I ordered pancakes that were like desert and Nick ordered a burger. We split both of our meals and shared with each other. The conversation flowed easily and it felt so natural being with Nick, almost like we had dined together many times before.

    After lunch was over, Nick took me on a driving tour of Cleveland. He provided a quick guide to the city and we even stopped to take our picture in front of a "Cleveland" sign. The tour was perfect since it allowed for us to continue chatting while providing me with some great insight into Cleveland for a future trip.

    The time came for us to return to the hotel. I had spent all morning getting ready for any eventuality that could have happened. It had been almost 15 months since I had been with anyone and I wanted to make sure we both would have a great time. Nick started off by giving me a fantastic massage, and then it was my turn to provide him with pleasure.

    I had brought along some toys not knowing what the day would call for, and I must have picked up the right things because Nick was totally enjoying himself as much as I was enjoying myself. We had a fantastic time together that I shall never forget. I felt so special and lucky to be with Nick and spend time with him. My inhibitions melted away when I was with him and it made me feel liberated and free to express urges that I hadn't expressed in a while.

    Nick is an amazing man and I would recommend him to anyone that asks. As I am writing this, I am thinking of multiple possibilities for our next time together. I look forward to seeing Nick again and again and again. I want to explore fantasies, express desires, and experience new sensations with Nick. You could not find a better companion that will treat you with respect, dignity, and honestly want to build a connection with you. Reach out to Nick and I know you will find for yourself what I have already discovered, an outstanding person and a fantastic lover.

  • MattOSUGRAD -  1 Review(s)
  • Single, late 30s, shy male that hasn't been with anyone since a LTR ended in February last year. Looking for a companion to feel comfortable with and have a connection.

Review #1 - 04/16/2018
  • 04/2018
  • Columbus
  • 1.5 Hours
  • 250
  • Recommended
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Rentmen
  • Nick is a great guy...a wonderful discovery! He had no reviews to refer to but I found him so appealing, I decided to take a chance and am so glad I did! Looks just like his pictures, even better. \\

    Beautiful personality, intelligent, affectionate, Nick has a great body, with light chest hair and untrimmed elsewhere. Beautiful wavy to curly auburn hair, nice scruff, wonderful smile, great eyes, great equipment, terrific ass. He's great kisser, fully interactive, moans wonderfully when you find his hot spots and totally committed to making sure you have a good time.

    Nick is exceedingly kind and understanding and really interested in making connection with you. Fairly new to the escorting career but don't think that means he doesn't know what he's doing. He knows how to treat his guest well and does it with joy.

    Again, I so glad I reached out! Nick is a great find and I would have loved to wrap him up and take him home and keep him all to myself. But, since I can't do that, I highly recommended him to anyone who might be attracted to his type!!

  • Trebor -  5 Review(s)
  • Active member of the Daddy's community.