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New York City - 3rd Review

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Chicago - 1st Review

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Fort Lauderdale - 1st Review


Munroe & Ross

New York City - 46th Review



Washington D.C. - 5th Review


OliverSaks of Detroit

Oliver Saks of Detriot

  • Out Only
  • Escort
  • Caucasian
  • None
  • None
  • 300
  • 200
  • 6ft 2in (1.88m)
  • 160-170 lbs (73-77 kg)
  • Swimmers
  • Blue
  • Dark Blond
  • Legs Only
     Requires 'opt-in'

Review #6 - 09/14/2017
  • 08/2017
  • Dallas
  • 2 Hours
  • 350
  • Recommended
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • rent.men
  • Found Oliver on Reant.men and he was prompt and friendly in his replies. After a few texts back and forth establishing compatibility we mage a date.

    He surprised me that day with a text asking if I was interested in meeting ahead of time for a meal and I quickly said yes. He came to my house promptly at the designated time and after an introductory make out session we lefor dinner.

    Oliver is an interesting and witty guy and we had a great time at dinner. Back to my place where we escaped to my deck for a little under the stars foreplay. On to the bedroom where we had a romantic, hot, aggressive, affectionate hot and sweaty couple of hours.

    He was a wonderful companion and I could not recommend him more highly.

  • DadBearDallas -  1 Review(s)
  • 56. yo handsome daddy bear, Big and furry.

Review #5 - 09/06/2017
  • 08/2017
  • Dallas
  • Overnight
  • 1100
  • Recommended
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • His Website
  • Rent.men
  • Oliver is a charming, talented, and smart young man. Communication (text and email) was smooth, easy, and both professional and enticing.

    I found Oliver to be engaging, personable, and enjoyable to be with. We went out to a relaxing and enjoyable vegan dinner (Oliver is a vegan) - I let him order for us both and enjoyed not,only the food, but his conversation and company throughout the meal. His smile and charming eyes are captivating.

    Later, Oliver showed me a wide range his more intimate talents, and I'm hooked! He is well worth your time, and I would highly recommend him if your paths cross. I hope his and my paths cross as frequently as I can arrange.

    Oliver is a joy and a bringer of joy, and a lot of fun to be with.

  • Steve Yabsley -  0 Review(s)
  • Trim traveling businessman who likes twink tops

Review #4 - 08/18/2017
  • 04/2017
  • Palm Springs
  • 1 Hour
  • 280
  • Recommended
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Daddys Reviews
  • Beautiful boy. Very smart. Gentle and retiring, but quite uninhibited. Highly educated and very sweet. Affectionate.

    Oliver is quite handsome in a cultivated nerdy kind of way. Rather like a very tall Harry Potter. Beautiful body with very pale flawless skin.

    He takes good care of himself. It was a pleasure spending time with this endearing young man.

  • Despardo -  5 Review(s)
  • Overweight retired gentleman.

Review #3 - 08/16/2017
  • 01/2017
  • Atlanta
  • 2 Hours
  • 470
  • Recommended
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Rentmen
  • I had noticed Oliver's appearance on the Forum discussion boards in late 2016 and was immediately impressed by his thoughtful perspective on escorting, professionalism and engaging clients.

    After a long string of mediocre experiences I'm becoming a little more selective in who I meet and Oliver seemed to be a sharp, sexy companion.

    I had scheduled a relatively long time in advance and Oliver's initial and final communications were thorough and informative. I must add that Oliver sent me a very sweet note after our meeting - this is astonishingly rare in escorting and others would do well to consider this.

    We met in the lobby of Oliver's hotel and chatted for a moment about the history of the area and I shared a couple of personal stories about Atlanta as we made our way to his room.

    We chatted for a while and got to know each other. Oliver is one of the sharpest companions I've every met; he's knowledgeable about many scientific disciplines, politics, history, etc., and is fascinating to talk to.

    I had only planned on 2 hours but I could easily hire Oliver for an overnight just to share ideas and enjoy his company.

    I had asked to borrow Oliver's shower and he kindly offered to join me - a wonderful ice-breaker. I felt very much at ease while with Oliver as we got comfortable... he was affectionate with an easygoing manner and casual sexuality that invited sensual intimacy.

    He is a very good kisser - one of my favorites - and we seemed to develop an organic rhythm of rising passion followed by restful closeness.

    One of the things that I liked allot about Oliver was his comfort with both his sexuality and mine. When I first met him I didn't get a sexual vibe at all but as we spent time becoming familiar with each other his passionate energy was just beneath the surface.

    I had shared in advance that I liked for my partner to enjoy our time together as much as I do and I think Oliver did enjoy it - and I really liked that he did.

    Although we didn't get into any sort of exotic play, I think Oliver would be able to satisfy most safe requests (and probably enjoy some naughtiness XD).

    I'd recommend Oliver for anyone who is looking for an erudite companion with a simmering sensuality, preferably for multi-hour or overnight/weekend meetings. Out time together was only 2+ hours but I felt like I just scratched the surface of the joys of Oliver's companionship.

  • keith30309 -  5 Review(s)
  • Middle aged connoisseur of fine companionship

Review #2 - 07/12/2017
  • 12/16
  • Detroit
  • 2 Hours
  • 500
  • Recommended
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Rentmen
    Gentlemen. Do Not Miss! This young man is the most outstanding escort ever! The time with him can only described as sensual. Every moment, touch, conversation kept me enraptured. Skillful and gentle. He was so reassuring. He is an amazing kisser. If you miss a chance with him you will regret it. He is beyond extraordinary. Oliver is the ultimate gentleman who definitely should be your first and only choice!
  • Jay.Norris78 -  5 Review(s)
  • Middle age guy who enjoys younger fit guys.

Review #1 - 12/22/2016
  • Florida
  • Dec/2016
  • Overnight
  • 1500
  • Recommended
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • His Website
  • Rent.men/oliversaks
  •   I've hired "Oliver" over the last two years many times, generally for nights and weekends. The dude's a lot of fun to be around, whether we are out to eat, out swimming or paddle boarding, or just relaxing at home around the house.

    I picked him up from the airport, and it was just like picking up from where we left off in our last meeting. He's a genuinely kind person, and while I'm a little older and more realistic (he might say cynical), his sincere idealism is a refreshing burst into my life. He'll try to convince you about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, and he might even drag you to a local vegan-friendly spot (I was pleasantly surprised...) He's got a lot of passions (and he's got a great ear for listening too - he'll go on to do big things with this talent, I suspect)

    His pictures do not quite do him justice. He has many different looks based on his hairstyles and glasses/contacts, but his body is always lean and mean with legs for days and a defined and firm core. His commitment to health and fitness shows, in his physique and stamina. He has quite the... "appetite" (vegan, of course
  • RichieBoarder (First Review )
  •   50's executive MWM top male who likes to hire handsome/sexy men from time to time. I love fit guys with ambition and drive. I expect more than just the sensual from the men I hire.