September 26th, 2016

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Coverboy Tommy Regan - Washington, DC

Tommy Regan - Washington, DC

Our reviews today include: Tommy Regan of Washington D.C.,  Adam Simply of New York City,  Rod Hagen of Los Angeles,  Ryan Steel of Los Angeles,  Noah Driver of Tampa,  Rico Fuerte of Washington D.C.,  Click our Coverboy to see today's reviews. (More)

Telly Leung - Broadway Return

Actor Telly Leung on His Broadway Return

By Elysa Gardner

Broadway — After co-starring with George Takei in Allegiance, Telly Leung has nabbed a number of notable gigs since the musical closed last February. (More)

Jersey Shore Town Won't Yet Settle With Gay Ex-Cop

By Associated Press

Cape May, NJ — Officials in a New Jersey shore town won't sign off yet on a proposed $369,000 settlement with a gay former police officer who filed a discrimination lawsuit. (More)

Monet X - Times Square

Drag Queen Transforms In Times Square, Makes Unexpected Friend

By Erin Rook

New York City, NY — Getting into drag is a labor-intensive but transformative process. So watching a queen put on her face is in itself a type of performance art. (More)

Syphilis Rates Among Gay and Bisexual Men in the U.S. Rise by 15%

By Sean Mandell

United States — A new report from the Centers for Disease Control has found that syphilis infection is on the rise among Gay and Bisexual men in the United States. (More)

Nick Jonas - Steadfast Support

Nick Jonas steadfast in supporting LGBT community

By James Withers

Hollywood — The performer, who played a gay fraternity member during the first season of TV’s Scream Queens and currently plays a closeted gay fighter in the drama series Kingdom, understands some might find his embrace of LGBTI rights as a publicity stunt. However, the 23-year-old knows where his heart is. (More)

Gentlemen Of A Certain Age Captured Beautifully In These Erotic Nudes

By Graham Gremore

Cyberspace — “I believe that every age and body type deserves to be photographed,” Olivier Autissier tells Queerty. “I do not just want to photograph ‘beautiful’ people. I want to photograph all types of men. Because aren’t all men beautiful?” (More)

Garry Shandling - Dying Wish TheWrap.jpg

How Garry Shandling’s Dying Wish for ‘The Larry Sanders Show’ Was Granted

By Scott Collins

Hollywood — Garry Shandling had one wish: To see “The Larry Sanders Show” back on HBO. And this month — half a year after the comic died — it is finally coming true. (More)