November 21st, 2014

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Coverboy Duncan - Las Vegas

Duncan - Las Vegas

Our reviews today include: Duncan of Las Vegas,  Frank of New York City,  Bobby B of Los Angeles,  Sean Long of Atlanta,  Gabriel Matthews of New York City,  Leon G of Fort Lauderdale,  Mykko of Paris,  JT Torretto of New York City,  Click our Coverboy to see today's reviews. (More)

Daddy's Mail is experiencing delays

By Daddy

My internal mail server has been rebooting on a frequent basis. It will taking a short vacation at the Apple genius bar. The repairs are under warranty and I expect the server to back on the air early next week. The estimate is 3-5 days and went in last Thursday. Anybody want to bet that the weekend don't count?

However, until then review confirmations will be delayed as the external mail server is being recalcitrant because of paranoid security. Likewise, It would appear that the Message Center is having problems getting registrations out. Will try to kick the external server into submission but we may have to wait.

If your absolutely desperate, send me a note and I'll see what I can do for you.

Ashley PArker Angel10Qs: Ashley Parker Angel

By James McDonald

Cyberspace — The former O-Town heart-throb discusses heading to Oz as the hunky Fiyero (and those underwear photos). (More)

Online community supporting Russian LGBT teens charged with 'Gay propaganda'

By Kevin Rothrock

Russia — This week, Russian authorities dealt what may be the greatest blow to LGBT rights advocates since Vladimir Putin signed into law the infamous ban on "Gay propaganda in the vicinity of minors." (More)

Boys of St. PetersburgBoys Of St. Petersburg

By Danielle Behrendt

St. Petersburg, Russia— Australian photographer Michael Andrew first traveled to St. Petersburg in 2005 and, in the nine years since, has returned more than 19 times. (More)

Gay Star News

366 US companies score perfect marks for Gay inclusion

By Darren Wee

Cyberspace — A record 366 US companies have received a perfect score for LGBTI workplace inclusion in the new Corporate Equality Index released yesterday (More)

McKenzie Gray Aydelott - Kingdom"Kingdom" Opens A Gay Door With Nick Jonas…

By Jim Halterman

Hollywood — But will the show really go there? Who is this man and why is he touching Nick Jonas? (More)

Sean Hayes Is A Married Man

By Editors

Hollywood — Sean Hayes and his longtime partner, music producer Scott Icenogle, have tied the knot. (More)

365 Gay

Ty HerndonCountry Music Star Ty Herndon Comes Out as Gay

By Jase Peeples

Nashville — Country music star Ty Herndon has kicked down the closet door and announced he is "an out, proud, and happy gay man" in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight. (More)