June 18th, 2018

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Coverboy Jarrod Brandon of Orlando

Jarrod Brandon of Orlando

Our reviews today include: Jarrod Brandon of Orlando,  Ryan of ,  Allen of Dallas,  Click our Coverboy to see today's reviews. (More)

A bit more Database Maintenance Todo

By Daddy

Las Vegas, NV — Finishing up the database maintenance that

My income for the site is down to the lowest level that it's been over the last decade. June wouldn't be as bad as March was however I will need to dip into the reserves for the 3rd time. Once again I'd like to thank you for your generous donations which will be going towards my surviving July. My reserves are at the 66% level and declining. Any help is welcome.

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Out.com Marius Paris - Portraits Of Youth

Mitch Zachary's Beautiful & Candid Portraits of Youth Around the World

By Chris Thomas

Cyberspace — When African-American and Dominican photographer Mitch Zachary set a goal to take a photo a day to maintain his photographic focus, he settled into an endless stream of coffee dates, museum hangouts, and the occasional DM to subjects he was interested in shooting in whatever city he happened to be in at the time. From this project, he began to collect the stories and portraits of young people in places like Madrid, New York, Paris, and Berlin.  (More)

Gay Kentucky Man Loses Bid to Challenge GOP Clerk Kim Davis

By Adam Beam and Dylan Lovan (AP)

Rowan County, KY — A Gay man in eastern Kentucky has lost his bid to challenge Republican county clerk Kim Davis, who went to jail three years ago for denying him and others marriage licenses in the aftermath of an historic U.S. Supreme Court decision. (More)

TowelRoad.com Tom Goss & Matthew Olshefski

Tom Goss And The Shirtless Violinist Collaborate On A ‘Perfect’ Duet

By Andy Towle

Cyberspace — Singer-songwriter Tom Goss met up with The Shirtless Violinist to record a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. (More)

Gay Star News

First Member Of The Royal Family To Come Out Announces Engagement

By James Besanvalle

England — The first ever royal family member to come out has just announced his engagement to his same-sex partner. (More)

queerty.com Sohail Akhavein - Toning It Down

After someone asked this gay man to ‘tone it down’, his dad stepped in with the best response

By Malcolm Rhodes

Cyberspace — He recently attended a community luncheon in his hometown of Minneapolis. Before the luncheon, a person who Akhavein describes as a “casual nemesis” asked him to please “Tone it down so the focus can be on the community and not your body.” When Akhavein told his dad about what the nemesis said, his pops responded: “Buy yourself the loudest suit your big gay heart desires” and gave him a wad of cash. (More)

The “Will & Grace” Revival Blooper Reel Is Hilarious, Honey

By Brandon Voss

Hollywood — In celebration of this week’s DVD and Blu-ray release of Will & Grace (The Revival): Season One, the season’s complete gag reel has been released online. Balls on the table, Brianna, it’s really gag-worthy. (More)

365 Gay Terrance Mannery

Utah Governor Thanks 'Hero' Who Stopped Antigay Mob

By Daniel Reynolds

Utah — Governor Gary Herbert thanked Terrance Mannery, a "local hero" who stood up to an antigay mob during Utah Pride. (More)