Allen Silver & Mike Gaite

Escort, Massage, Travel

Review #1 - 09/30/2016
  • Gay
  • In/Out
  • Gay
  • In/Out
  • San Jose
  • 9/2016
  • 1 Hour
  • $275
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  • Yes
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  •   Allen Silver has long been my "go-to" guy, and for this session we were staying at a hotel in San Jose. I had wanted to do a 3-way, and Mike Gaite lives in San Jose, so I scheduled a 3-way session with these men.

    I have seen Mike's videos and read his always stellar reviews, so I was eager to see if he lived up to his reputation. And oh boy! Did he ever! The contrast between the tall and hairy Allen Silver and the shorter, smooth Mike Gaite was exhilarating. Mike looks so handsome and has a beautiful, hard, muscular body with the cutest bubble butt.

    This was only my second 3 way, so I was quite nervous about it, even though I have spent many days and nights with Allen adding the third unknown into the mix was a big step for me.

    But one of the best moves that I have ever made. Without going into details just let me say that the sensations that my body experienced in the company of these two sexy men were out of this world. So any of you guys out there who are wondering whether to take that step into 3 way play I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Mike and Allen.
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  •   70s guy now experiencing the finer things that life has to offer