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Washington, DC

Review #2 - 06/08/2011
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  • Washington, DC
  • 05/20/2011
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  •   OMG!!!! I'm not sure words will convey the experience I had with The Legendary Dave and David-sf. It was an absolutely incredible experience that I keep reliving in my head. There were so many amazing moments during our time I know I'll forget a lot of them - they all blended together, seamlessly, into an unforgettable time.

    Dave is my escort - the one that you count on, the one that you look forward to spending as much time with as possible. I never thought I'd connect with someone like that and yet Dave and I have. David is of course someone I knew of but we connected in Palm Springs and I knew we had to meet on his next trip to DC. Now Dave and David are great friends already - David stays with Dave in DC.

    So getting together with the two of them seemed like such a natural idea. I can't believe that there has only been one review of them together. Well now there are two. I got to Dave's studio a few minutes early (as I always do) and was looking at the dogs playing in the dog park nearby when I saw them walking in together.

    They saw me and we greeted like long lost friends. Even on the street the sexual tension was almost palpable and we couldn't wait to get upstairs. After getting upstairs and quickly catching up on events with me, we got started. Well Dave and I did - David was off getting a bit more ready.

    By the time David joined us a minute or two later we were already busy, passionately kissing and renewing our lust for each other. Though I think David lit the fuse. Because from that moment, for the next 100+ minutes it was non-stop action.

    After an intense make out session on the couch with the three of us, Dave quickly moved me to his sling - something I hadn't done before with Dave. And so it began - the assault on my ass unlike anything I'd ever been through. First Dave and then David took turns pounding me silly in the sling. However, this was only the opening act.

    Because quickly they decided we needed to move to the bed. And from that moment, the constant change of positions, partners, and sexual activities never stopped. Everyone fucked, everyone was fucked, kissing, sucking, constantly making sure that everyone was involved at all times and having an incredible time. We probably didn't stay in any one position or combination for more than a couple of minutes during the entire rest of the time. It was a constant flow of change -- but seamless as everything was completely natural, nothing forced or contrived.

    There were so many amazing moments during the rest of our time. First off was when David was fucking me and seeing the look on his face when Dave started fucking him. Although David is known for being a great top, he really was a great bottom too and seemed to thoroughly enjoy being fucked by Dave.

    But quickly we transitioned. And the order of who did what to whom was a blur - I'd have needed a social secretary to keep track. Some of the other amazing moments were David fucking me hard and deep, getting me to relax while he assaulted my ass, all the while knowing why he was doing it: getting me ready to be dp'd for the first time. I have limited flexibility in my hips so it didn't last long but it was incredible.

    But of course we had to top that, so another time Dave was shurgging me - fucking me with his balls and dick simultaneously. Seeing me being shurrged was obviously a turn-on for David, so David had to join in - by dp'ing me again - this time while I was being shurgged. Being dp'd while being shurgged was an even more amazing experience.

    But I wasn't the only one who was dp'd. One of the moments I will remember most was when I was on my back with Dave riding my cock as he loves to do and looking at his face while David slid into him. I have the look on his face seared into my memory forever.

    Seeing the nervousness and excitement (and yes, a bit of fear) about being dp'd, while David was yelling at me to hold onto my man was incredible. Fortunately, the teeth marks from Dave biting my arm while being dp'd have gone away. It was so intense I didn't even feel him biting me.

    Then we moved to me being the middle of a daisy chain - me fucking Dave while David fucked me. Another time I was on top of Dave, riding him for all he was worth. I felt like a little kid riding the mechanical horse outside the grocery store, riding Dave like a bucking bronco. All told, we probably flipped positions of who was doing what to whom well over two dozen times. It was a constant flow of give and take among all of us - each of us suggesting new things to try and constantly checking to make sure the other two were having a blast.

    One thing we tried that David suggested was a breathing technique where two people seal their lips together and hold their noses and breathe in and out of each other, exchanging the air between each other. The rush of warm air into my lungs from Dave (and David when we did it) was incredible. It almost created a feeling of being a bit high.

    But the intimacy and connection you feel with the other party was so intense I knew I would carry this over to my private life. I know there was a lot more I'm leaving out but some of it was such a blur because it was so absolutely incredible.

    When the climaxes came they were all in close order and everyone focused on the guy cumming at the time. And then we collapsed on the bed. And it was an absolutely amazing time. And we surveyed the damage: the bite mark on my arm and the bruise on Dave's dick from him fucking me so hard.

    But even after we finished, the "fun" didn't end. After Dave and I showered, we were drying off in the bathroom and talking about WS. And so David tried to start pissing on Dave (in retaliation for Dave spitting water at him). Of course having just showered, Dave wanted none of that and started to run away, quickly chased by David and me.

    And then Dave picked up his wooden oar to fend David off. But when I came up behind David and put him into a full nelson to protect Dave, I think David finally knew: I was on team Dave (or as David put it in an email to me later, "traitor").

    I love David for what he did for me and what he gave to me, but as he said it himself: Dave is my man. And we were laughing and having a great time even then. After cleaning up the place (which took a while given the quantities of condom wrappers everywhere - it looked like Times Square on New Year's Eve) we all went to lunch.

    It was a great time of 3 guys who really enjoyed each others' company. We of course were talking about a lot of things but we were also exchanging ideas from the client and escort points of view. Both guys were so generous with letting me a bit into their world (as have most of my escorts).

    I think seeing things from their side makes me a better client which in turn makes their job easier, better and a lot more fun. We even talked about what it means to "client well." Turning client into a verb, as Dave put it. What do they appreciate most in a client? What qualities make a good client, not only sexually but just as someone they enjoy spending time with? I hire escorts to help me learn, to be my teachers, mentors, guides. And even at lunch the lessons continued.

    After lunch we walked back to Dave's studio where we parted company. I was sad that our time had to end but they each had other obligations to attend to.

    But I know I can't wait to do this again. Because if we do get better with practice, the next time will be unbelievable. All in all, it was an incredible experience. During the non-stop 100+ minutes of sexual action, I'm sure I had at least one dick in my ass for least 80+ minutes. And as a bottom, it was simply breathtaking and I was amazed I was able to endure it for that long considering how much each of them gave to me.

    I've been on a run of three way hires lately. Five of my last six hires have been three ways. Three ways are so dependent on the interaction of all parties - making sure that someone isn't left out. But the sexual heat and sexual generosity these two displayed towards me guaranteed that this would be an experience I will never forget.

    I cannot recommend either Dave or David more highly as individuals. But putting them together was so absolutely amazing. Anytime these two are in the same town, you would be wise to book them together, because if you do, you will be taken on the ride of your life. I know I was. And I can't wait to do it again. Thanks guys! You were simply amazing.
  • D'Artagnan (5 or more Reviews )
  •   55 year old gay married (but out) man. In good shape. And who hires escorts to help me learn about myself. And to make me a better lover in my private life.

Review #1 - 07/12/2010
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  • Washington, DC
  • 06/23/2010
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  •  I'm an occasional hirer of men for fun and play. I like lots of kissing and touching as well as serious sex. I hire for fun and exploration of my sensual self. I like to develop a mutual connection with my escorts--I can't really have a quality experience unless the escort is having fun, too. I almost never hire for less than two hours and more recently have been experiencing overnights which I have been enjoying, even though they stretch my budget. Most of my hires have been reviewed on this board and I find those who are to be the best in the business. So I feel a responsibility to add to the reviews when I have something wonderful to say about one of the escorts.

    I'm a mature and accomplished person with a keen interest in fulfilling my sexual needs with men who are also experienced and self-confident. I had a recent occasion to be in DC for a few days and because I think Rockin (Dave) is the best there is in DC, I scheduled two sessions with him a couple of months before my trip, one of which would be an overnight.

    In the meantime, I had a couple of sessions with David SF and had an amazing time with him. I found that he was planning a trip to DC in the near future and he agreed to schedule that time for when I would be there. During our discussion I found that he wanted to meet Dave-DC so I suggested a three-way overnight might be fun. I have done numerous overnights but had never done a three-way. David-SF was excited about that possibility and when I passed the suggestion along to Dave-DC, he was equally excited about the meeting and being part of the three-way overnight.

    Both of these men more than meet my criteria when hiring. They are experienced, talented, have a positive attitude, and know who they are and what they are doing. After I've had a session with either of them I'm more alive and upbeat, display extra confidence and self-respect, and have my good sense of humor sharpened. They really do it for me both in the session and after. So as the time approached, we worked on the details and set up the session. That wasn't really hard to do because of their interests and because they both know me pretty well. I was on cloud nine! What could be better: my first three-way with two of my very favorite escorts, and an overnight to make it even more special! I just knew it was going to be the best hire I'd ever experienced.

    Even though they hadn't worked together before, I suspected that wouldn't be a problem since they are both awesome professionals and they both have done plenty of three-ways. Well, let me tell you gents, the session was even more special and exciting than my little mind could ever imagine!

    We met at Dave's comfortable apartment which is a great place to spend a few hours. And he recently added a sling! Other than a break for about two hours to go to a local restaurant for dinner, we played together nearly non-stop for almost eight hours. Talk about stamina and excitement--this was unbelievable.

    Sometimes all three of us were involved and sometimes it was two of the three. After sleeping for a few hours, we went at it again when we awoke. Hot, hot, hot! And that isn't a comment on the temperature outside the building. Some of the things we did: oral, anal, toys, sling, a double penetration of me (my first; an exceptional experience!), kissing, cuddling, rimming, massaging, water sports, showering together, and many used condoms. It never lacked for fun, interest, and hot sex. Nothing scripted, just one different experience after another.

    I've never had a session as spectacular as this one, even with each of them individually (I also did that with both of them on this trip). And the sessions I've had with each of them alone have been super hot and sexy! Clearly as the novice in a three-way, I could have found myself the outsider with two such talented and experienced escorts.

    But being the professionals that they are, they didn't let that happen. They frequently asked how I was doing, were careful to check me for my limits, and they were very encouraging in giving ideas about how I might participate. I was amazed at how quickly the time seemed to go and I was also amazed that I was mostly able to keep up with them throughout the night! I owe much of that to their care and concern for the experience I was having.

    They were having fun but it was clear that the major focus of the session was on me. This is an amazing duo who should be experienced to be believed. They are both kind, caring, considerate, and easy to be around. If you ever have an opportunity to hire these guys together, you shouldn't pass it up. I highly recommend them both as singles or for a three-way. It was a special night for me and I shall never forget it.
  • Billy (Second Review)
  • older guy, average build, likes kissing and cuddling and a good connection. Good sex is good living!