William & Walter


Review #1 - 02/27/2015
  • Muscled
  • 6'1" (185 cm)
  • 220-230 lbs (100-104 kg)
  • 9-10" (22-25 cm), Cut, Thick
  • 30's
  • Caucasian
  • Cropped, Brown
  • Green
  • Stubble
  • Hairy
  • One
  • Several
  • Escort
  • Tolerant
  • No
  • French
  • Both
  • Both
  • Versatile
  • Dominant
  • US $
  • $1300
  • Oklahoma City
  • Nov 2015
  • Overnight
  • $1300
  • Recommended
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Daddys Reviews
  •   Bart first told me about William two years ago.Said he was incredible. Handsome, hairy and very hung and that I had to meet him. Kept meaning to get in touch, but I am easily distracted. Then Justice sends me a face pic and says, "This guy is a rock star." So, I contact him and he is all about coming out here. Very prompt and very nice and very easy to set things up with. But because of work, I can't seem to nail down a date. Then I get totally distracted by Luca for most of the late summer and early Fall, until I finally seal the deal for November with Erickson.

    By this time, TexasGuy has introduced me to Walter and his many, many talents. Says that he is not only an eager, power bottom but a talented top boy. Sends me a face pic and the kid is gorgeous. Beautiful smile and perfect teeth. And easy, easy, easy to set things up with as well.

    So, as usual, I am thinking,"Why not both?" And they are cool with it and with everything that I ask them to do. So, I fly them both in.

    By design, William gets here first. I pick him up and we head back to the hotel.From first sight, I am very pleased. He is a big guy, and very handsome. Walks like a jock in his tight jeans with a huge bulge in the front and a big smile on his scruffy face.

    In the car, he is funny, too. Very dry, very deep voiced and at ease. No nerves with this one. We talk alot about what I want to see and he says, "I can do that" and smiles and adds, "And you should see me fuck."

    When we get to the room, he takes a shower and I grab a beer. He comes out, still damp and that big dick semi hard and swinging.

    Cleaned up and waited for Walter. Talked a little more about what I wanted and the whole time he is still laying there, buck naked, and still hard, stroking it, pulling on his big balls. Finally, I asked, "How do you stay so hard?" He smiled, sheepishly, and replied, "I play with it."

    Then Walter knocks on the door. I let him in and again, I am very, very pleased. Swarthy and lean, and just a flat out pretty boy. Super slim through the hips with a tight waist that vees up to wide shoulders and rock hard pecs. After some small talk, he hits the showers to get ready.

    When he comes out, they start to play. William is in white boxer briefs with his long, fat cock poking out the slit. Walter is wearing Ralph Lauren white briefs and he, too, is rock hard.

    Walter turns around, drops to his knees,running his hands up and down the thick dark mat of William's chest, swallowing his fat cock. William pulls him back to his feet, deep kissing him with his big hands right back to that ass. William sits down on the edge of the bed and takes Walter's long, perfect, uncut cock in his mouth, sucking just the tip, just the foreskin. Then he stands back up, turns Walter around, kissing the back of his neck and pressing into him, grinding his long hard cock into his hole, that heat. Then "Pop!". William slaps that butt and whispers in his ear,"Ready to get spanked?"

    Now, William and I had discussed this alot. The elusive spanking. William had even done some porn research and he knew just how I wanted it to play. And it went something like this:

    "Lay down," he says to Walter. With one hand on his shoulder, William guides him into position, spreads him over his knees, ass up, and briefs down, mid thigh. He's rubbing his butt, massaging it, gently slapping it."That feel good? You like that?" Then "Pop!" Big hand busts that butt. "Pop!" "How about that?" "Pop!" "Pop!" "Pop!" "Pop!" "Pop!"

    They filled up 4 dvds and it was all hot. Not since Arpad and Chris Daniels have two such opposites had such an attraction.
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  •   Aging, agoraphobic, alcoholic...