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January 15th, 2017

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One Step Back, Two Steps Forward…

By Daddy 01/15/2017

Las Vegas, NV — Sometimes to make progress you need to take one step back to take two steps forward. With the start of 2017 and what would appear to be the beginning of a more conservative era in the United States I feel it's time to make some much needed changes.

I’ve been subsidizing the website from my other clients for about the last five years. Over that time the website income has decreased to the point where I’ve had to increase my external hours. It’s to the point where I’ve run out of hours in the day to keep up.

One of my clients is in a bind and needs someone full time for a while. It’ll provide me with much needed income and paradoxically give me time to sling code for the site. However, the cost is that I won’t have time to do the production.

Given their actions over the last year or so, it's clear that the government continues to have a low tolerance for adult content that mentions overt sexuality. To survive, the website needs to move back from the edge. This will require that the current review format be changed.

Currently I’m averaging about an hour a review. My goal is to get that down to about 30 minutes a review. The current website design is over 10 years old and sadly out of date. I want to update to the current generation of technology,

I want to update the website design to allow people to login to work with their reviews.

I really want the site to contain reviews that are useful for mature Gay men. A broader base of Reviews that include Bars, Resorts, Bed and Breakfasts, and even Manscapers. Places we can visit and know that we'll feel comfortable and welcome. These other types of reviews will need formats tailored for them.

The problem is that this takes time. Of the 31K reviews in the database, I’d estimate that 10% have been vetted for explicit content. The rest need to be vetted. The review processing updates will take several weeks before I can start the vetting process.

I hope to return to active production in 3-6 months. Until then, the message-forum will remain open.

— Daddy