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San Francisco - 2nd Review

New Review w/Photo

Matt Marcell

Las Vegas - 1st Review


Mike Black

San Francisco - 2nd Review



Portland - 4th Review


February 12th, 2018

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Coverboy Francis of San Francisco

Francis of San Francisco


The Testing Server Is Still A Work In Progress

By Daddy 02/12/2018

Las Vegas, NV — Somehow only about half the Yii2 extensions made it over to the Testing server. Being the Belt and Suspender type of person; I've reverted my development machine back to what's on the production server.

I'll now double check that I have everything I need on the Development machine before pushing it to the Testing server again. I also now know to make a safety of two critical files before repeating the process.

Working ahead as far as I can so that I can spend a lot of time on the weekend; I expect we'll have almost 900 reviews in the new database by Friday. Thank-you to all for your support! Any donations are gratefully accepted: donation page

Big Old Hug and a Kiss,