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Zane Taylor

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April 12th, 2018

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Coverboy Zane Taylor or Orlando

Zane Taylor or Orlando


Senater Rand Paul on H.R. 1865

By Daddy 04/12/2018

Louisville, KY

Television Station KHAS Channel 11 reached out to Senator Randy Paul to find out why he voted "Nay" and the Senator's staff sent the following statement:

“My fear is that this bill will discourage websites from self-policing for objectionable content. We should be supportive of the vast majority of websites that already moderate for objectionable content, and I believe this bill could have the opposite, unintended effect of penalizing them.”

The computers have been rearranged and I've in the process of testing the new configuration. We have 2,038 reviews in the new database.

At this point my income is down greatly and I've had to dip into my reserves which have been drained to the 50% level. Any help is welcome.

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