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London - 2nd Review


Benjamin Nicholas

Dallas - New Email



Vancouver - 2nd Review


Warren Parler

Portland - 4th Review


July 10th, 2018

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Coverboy Maicon of London

Maicon of London


Finishing Up the Database Maintenance

By Daddy

Las Vegas, NV —When Rentboy was raided at the end of August, 2015. Daddys Reviews was criticized in the complaint for having mostly "Explicit Reviews." Daddy shortly after instituted a "No Explicit Reviews" policy. This raid of a nineteen year old website signaled the beginning of a shift to the right by the Federal government.

Last April, 2018 HR1865 was signed into law by President Trump. This caused a world wide panic and we lost a lot of sites because of F.U.D. (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.) After much soul searching Daddy elected to continue operations. He started taking down any reviews that predated the Rentboy takedown. That process is now complete except for about two dozen stragglers that need to be reviewed in depth.

As he is able he'll put together some review vetting software and start looking at the reviews that predate 01/2016. It'll take a substantial effort to put the reviews back up.

Remember to vote in November, that's our next chance to start shifting the Government back to the middle or to the left. I haven't supported the Democrats or the Republicans in several decades.

My income for the site is down to the lowest level that it's been over the last decade. Once again I'd like to thank you for your generous donations. My reserves are at the 54% level and declining. Any help is welcome.

TowelRoad.com Tab Hunter - RIP

Tab Hunter Dead At 86

By Andy Towle

Hollywood — Screen heartthrob Tab Hunter, the star of more than 40 films who lived a closet life in Hollywood and came out in his 2005 autobiography Tab Hunter Confidential: The Making of a Movie Star, has died. (More)

Seigner, Polanski's Wife, Refuses Film Academy Invitation

By Jake Coyle (AP)

Hollywood — In a seething open letter, French actress Emmanuelle Seigner refused the invitation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and voiced her support for her expelled husband, director Roman Polanski. (More)

Gay Star News Hidden Flag

Activists turn football shirts into rainbow flag to protest Russian homophobia

By Chris Nelson

Moscow — Six activists have taken to the streets of Moscow sporting their national football shirts in protest of Russian anti-LGBTI discrimination. (More)


'Doesn't Matter' by Christine and the Queens

By Elana Rubin

Hollywood — If you're looking for a new song to listen to on repeat, look no further than French pansexual pop singer Héloïse Letissier, AKA Christine and the Queens, latest "Doesn't Matter." (More)

Cool Climate Getaways

Fourteen Sexy Cool Climate Getaways For Escaping The Sweltering Summer Heat

By Chris Bull

Cyberspace — As summer heat rises to records temps it's time to think outside the ice-box on keeping cool this season. (More)

HIV+ Mag

Patients Sue CVS for Revealing Their HIV Status

By Benjamin M. Adams

Ohio — A handful of people living with HIV are livid after learning that CVS pharmacy chain outed over 6,000 patients, including themselves, as being HIV-positive. A class action lawsuit was filed in the Ohio Court of Claims against CVS Caremark and The Ohio Department of Health for its alleged connection with the scandal. (More)

Monet - What Would You Do

“What Would You Do?” Enlists the Help of Monét X Change

By Christopher Rudolph

Hollywood — The ABC reality series What Would You Do? hires actors to stage fake uncomfortable situations, and then films the bystanders to see how they react to the dramatic scene. The latest episode takes place in a Brooklyn diner where two actors playing unaccepting parents meet their son for lunch—and he shows up in full drag. (More)