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Allen Silver

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July 11th, 2018

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Coverboy Brandon of Chicago

Brandon of Chicago


Finishing Up the Database Maintenance

By Daddy

Las Vegas, NV — When Rentboy was raided at the end of August, 2015. Daddys Reviews was criticized in the complaint for having mostly "Explicit Reviews." Daddy shortly after instituted a "No Explicit Reviews" policy. This raid of a nineteen year old website signaled the beginning of a shift to the right by the Federal government.

Last April, 2018 HR1865 was signed into law by President Trump. This caused a world wide panic and we lost a lot of sites because of F.U.D. (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.) After much soul searching Daddy elected to continue operations. He started taking down any reviews that predated the Rentboy takedown. That process is now complete except for about two dozen stragglers that need to be reviewed in depth.

As he is able he'll put together some review vetting software and start looking at the reviews that predate 01/2016. It'll take a substantial effort to put the reviews back up.

Remember to vote in November, that's our next chance to start shifting the Government back to the middle or to the left. I haven't supported the Democrats or the Republicans in several decades.

My income for the site is down to the lowest level that it's been over the last decade. Once again I'd like to thank you for your generous donations. My reserves are at the 54% level and declining. Any help is welcome.

Out.com Tanner & Daniel Newman -  Creating A Buzz

The Walking Dead's Daniel Newman Poses With Gay Porn Star

By Ariel Sobel

Cyberspace — The Walking Dead star Daniel Newman has been spending time with gay adult film star Tanner, encouraging fans to believe that they are in a relationship. (More)

A Majority of Millennials Don't Feel Like They Belong In Their Communities

By Tyler Schmall

United States — Two in three millennials don't feel like they belong to their local community, according to new research. (More)

Gay Star News Mateo Fernande - Held For 15 hours.jpg

Man Who Helped To Hide Pride Flag In Plain Sight In Russia Detained For 15 Hours

By Joe Morgan

Moscow — A Gay man who helped to hide the Pride flag in plain sight in Russia was detained for 16 hours. Colombian Mateo Fernandez, who works in advertising in Paris, flew to Moscow on 29 June. (More)

Victoria Beckham Shares Photo Of David Beckham Poolside In Briefs

By Lamar Dawson

Cyberspace — Victoria Beckham, a.k.a Posh Spice, shared a sizzling snap of husband David Beckham on Instagram and we need a gallon of water to quench our thirst. (More)

TowelRoad.com Andrew Rannells - How To Snort

Andrew Rannells Tells Where He Learned to Snort Things Through a Straw

By Staff

Hollywood — Rannells also said he learned to snort things through a straw as a child because his father watched Miami Vice: “I learned all about the cartel at a young age. I didn’t know what they were snorting but it seemed fun. (More)


Same-Sex Marriage Improves Health of Gay and Bi Men

By Daniel Reynolds

Nashville, TN — Legal marriage is good for the health of queer men. So concluded a new study from Vanderbilt University, which found that same-sex marriage sparked "significant increases" in gay and bi men's access to care and health insurance coverage. (More)

queerty.com Gain Jockstrap Commercial

The Internet Is Very Divided Over This Jockstrap Sniffing Commercial By Gain

By Graham Gremore

Television — The ad, titled “The Sweet Smell of Defeat,” features two boys, their DILFy dad, and a sweaty jockstrap. It shows the two kids attempting to play a prank on their sleeping dad by fishing his stinky jockstrap out of his gym bag then dropping on his face. (More)