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July 14th, 2020

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Coverboy Safer Sex Just Makes Sense

Safer Sex Just Makes Sense


Daddy Logo

Safer Sex During COVID-16

By Daddy

Las Vegas — The concept of "Safer Sex" has been around for many years. David-SF has shown us that it can be extended to COVID-16. It doesn't mean that it's 100% effective just like safer sex isn't 100% effective for AIDs. It does take preplanning and it takes a bit of isolation. So if your going "Stir Crazy" here's what you do.

Both of you take a COVID-16 test and remain isolated from all contact. Wait for the results of the test. If both of you test negative continue to maintain your isolation until you meet up. When in public wear your face masks religiously, avoid contact with anybody else. When you get together, take that sexy shower. And please remember to wear a condom!

The Flirt4free commission is going to be much lower that usual, so it's one of those months to watch every penny. To all those that have donated, Thank you! Any help is appreciated. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page which has been updated with the new address.

Pride.com Logo Cut or Uncut? Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals It All

Cut or Uncut? Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals It All

By Raffy Ermac

Hollywood — If you've ever been curious about what Oscar-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal is working with down there, well then I guess today is your lucky day... (More)

Edge Logo

How a COVID-19 Vaccine Could Cost Americans Dearly

By Elisabeth Rosenthal

.UNITED STATES — Yes, of course, Americans' health is priceless, and reining in a deadly virus that has trashed the economy would be invaluable. But a COVID-19 vaccine will have an actual price tag. And given the prevailing business-centric model of American drug pricing, it could well be budget breaking, perhaps making it unavailable to many. (More)

Gaily Grind Logo Gaily Stud: Battle of the Bulge

Gaily Stud: Battle of the Bulge

By Adrian Garcia

Cyberspace — From wrestling to swimming to track athletes, there are no shortage of sexy studs to wet your appetite. Enjoy the following list of our favorite bulges from both the front and the back! (More)

TowleRoad Logo

NFL’s Washington Redskins Finally Agree to Change Team Name

By Andy Towle

Washington — The NFL’s Washington Redskins have finally agreed to change the team name after years of protest over the racist moniker and mascot, and will make the announcement Monday. (More)

XBIZ Logo NakedSword Debuts Tyler Hylls & Kaden Hylls in 'Model Behavior'

NakedSword Debuts Tyler Hylls & Kaden Hylls in 'Model Behavior'

By JC Adams

San Francisco — NakedSword is promoting the latest edition of their self-produced series "Model Behavior" with "Discoveries" starring newcomers, and real-life boyfriends, Kaden Hylls and Tyler Hylls. (More)

Advocate Logo

Is It Time to Retire the Word 'Privileged?'

By Lewis Oakley

Cyberspace — As an equality activist, it’s my job to keep track of the tools that effectively change hearts and minds — hitting the delete button on tactics that worked five years ago and keeping my eye on new and inventive ways to get others to empathize and understand. (More)

Logo Logo Fire Island’s Answer to COVID-19? Drag Queens and Go-Go Boys.

Fire Island’s Answer to COVID-19? Drag Queens and Go-Go Boys.

By Christopher Rudolph

Long Island City/Queens/New York — Fire Island has been under fire recently. Logan Hardcore, one of the most popular queens on the island, spoke out about the controversy, and now nightlife promoter Daniel Nardicio, the man behind the infamous Underwear Party in Cherry Grove, is doing his part in combating the spread of the virus on the island. (More)

GayCityNews Logo

Supreme Court Broadens “Ministerial Exception” to Anti-Discrimination Laws

By Arthur S. Leonard

Unknown — Just weeks after the Supreme Court ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects LGBTQ people from employment discrimination, the court took away that protection from most LGBTQ people who are employed as teachers by religious schools. (More)

Out.com Logo Florida Queers Claim Gay Beach, Rename to Stonewall

Florida Queers Claim Gay Beach, Rename to Stonewall

By Mikelle Street

Fort Lauderdale — Queer folks don't mind making something out of nothing, and claiming things for our own. The legacy continues in Fort Lauderdale where the local community has raised a Pride flag on Pompano Beach and given a strip of it a new name. (More)