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July 29th, 2020

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Daddy Logo

The Wound Doctor Was Happy Again

By Daddy

Las Vegas — The trend of once again healing the heel wound continues. Smallest to date at .9cm by .8cm, could it be that the end of the tunnel is in sight? A have a visit with the GP doctor tomorrow via the internet.

The wound nurse didn't show up on Friday because of car problems so she's going to make an appearance on Sunday. The wound clinic is going to be closed on Monday so we're moving to Tuesday. Since we're doing the wound clinic on Tuesday the wound nurse gets moved to Thursday and Saturday. However, no Angiogram on Thursday so it all works out. BTW: All the patients Angiograms got canceled on Thursday, which should be an interesting tale. The hospital schedulers on both sides are not amused.

I just finished Day 52 of the SwiftUI. The program was to create a "Cupcake" app that was fun in itself but the icing on the cubcake was that it would package up the order and send it to a website for processing.

Tonight I'm dropping the stimulus check into the kiddy so that I can pay the rent. To all those that have donated, Thank you! Any help is appreciated. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page which has been updated with the new address.

Out.com Logo Gay Indian Prince Was Subjected to Electroshock Conversion Therapy

Gay Indian Prince Was Subjected to Electroshock Conversion Therapy

By Donald Padgett

.INDIA — The Indian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil is now joining global calls to end conversion therapy after revealing he was a victim of the debunked practice which is still legal and widely practiced in India. The experience left Gohil scarred and determined to see it outlawed. (More)

HIVPlus Logo

HIV-Positive Man in India Gets Successful Liver Transplant

By Trudy Ring

Pune — Doctors at the Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune, India, have performed a successful liver transplant on an HIV-positive man from a brain-dead donor, a rare procedure in the nation.

Edge Logo Twitter Is Incredibly Thirsty for Antoni's New Haircut

Twitter Is Incredibly Thirsty for Antoni's New Haircut

By Staff

Cyberspace — On Sunday, "Queer Eye" star Antoni Porowski Ttook to Instagram and showed off a new haircut and it didn't take long before the Internet started to freak out. In the photo, the reality star is seen sitting outside at a restaurant with a face mask and an Adidas tank top. It also shows him with a fresh buzzcut. Porowski captioned the pic: "number of times I almost put food through my mask: 3." (More)

BayAreaReporter Logo

Rent a Struggle for Workers Impacted by Coronavirus

By Matthew S. Bajko

San Francisco — In March, Dino Medardo Rosso was employed as a foreign language teacher at the San Francisco Waldorf School. He was also running a successful business tutoring adults who wanted to speak French or Spanish and overseas students in China looking to learn English. (More)

Gaily Grind Logo Man Parades Through London Wearing Nothing but a G-String Made From a Face Mask

Man Parades Through London Wearing Nothing but a G-String Made From a Face Mask

By Staff

Unknown — A man strolled down central London’s most popular shopping street on Friday wearing nothing but a face mask as a sort of makeshift g-string, leaving passerbys astounded, amused and shocked. (More)

GayCityNews Logo

Queer Palestinians: Forging a New Paradigm

By Michael Luongo

Unknown — A Palestinian originally from Ramallah, Atshan is a Quaker and an LGBTQ human rights activist, in addition to being an academic. He has, in the past, worked for the United Nations, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Human Rights Watch, among other groups (More)

Pride.com Logo The Trailer for Nico Tortorella's Walking Dead Spin-Off Is Here!

The Trailer for Nico Tortorella's Walking Dead Spin-Off Is Here!

By Raffy Ermac

Hollywood — It's time for a new generation of stars to shine in AMC's The Walking Dead universe! And from the looks of the first trailer of the new spin-off series World Beyond, they are shining indeed—especially our fave Younger star Nico Tortorella! (More)

GayStarNews Logo

Mexico’s Legal Battle to Establish Same-Sex Marriage May Finally Be Coming to a Head

By Tris Reid-Smith

Unknown — Mexico’s Supreme Court may make history if it rules states can not vote to keep their bans on marriage equality. The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation effectively made equal marriage legal back in 2015. It ruled then that state laws that restrict marriage only to heterosexual couples are discriminatory. (More)

Queerty Logo Champion Athlete Luke Strong Just Came Out

Champion Athlete Luke Strong Just Came Out

By David Reddish

BBC — Luke Strong, a five-time British champion in trampoline gymnastics just came out as bisexual. The gymnast opened up about his personal life in a recent interview with the BBC. (More)