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Tony Serrano

New York City - 41st Review

New Review w/Photo

Andrew Oak

Palm Springs - 1st Review



Chicago - 26th Review


September 24th, 2020

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Coverboy Tony Serrano of New York City

Tony Serrano of New York City


Daddy Logo

Slip and Fall

By Daddy

Las Vegas — Last night I had a "slip 'n fall" in the bathtub. I'm stiff today and have a few bruises but otherwise OK. The curtain rail suffered much more than I did, It'll need to be replaced. The safety rails that I have previously requested are on backorder because of COVID19. A new bathtub mat is likewise on order and I should have it towards the end of the month.

I'm taking it easy today and moving slowly but surely. Don't have any appointments until next week so I'll just putter around and perhaps read a good book or two. It sure sucks to be old; it makes me wonder how the politicians in their 70s and 80s manage. I'm going to stick with the: "It's time for the next generation to take over!"

September 22nd was "National Voter Registration Day." LGBTQnation.com points out that: "States regularly purge their voter rolls. Check to make sure you're registered." With just about 40 days to the election the window is rapidly closing to be apart of this once in a lifetime event. Don't be one of those 20% in the LGBTQ+ community that won't get to have their voice heard."

To all those that have donated, Thank you for your donations!. Any help is appreciated. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page

Out.com Logo Meet Levi Davis, Pro Rugby's First Out LGBTQ+ Active Player

Meet Levi Davis, Pro Rugby's First Out LGBTQ+ Active Player

By Donald Padgett

England — A professional rugby player in England received a warm and welcoming response from his teammates when he revealed to them he was bisexual. The Daily Mail is reporting Levi Davis, 22, sent the message via text in April to his fellow players on the Bath rugby club, and they returned his trust with messages of support and affirmation. Now, he's sharing that message with the world making Davis is the first professional rugby player to announce he was LGBTQ+ while still an active player with a long career ahead of him. (More)

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Trump Says COVID-19, Which Has Killed 200,000 Americans, ‘Affects Virtually Nobody’

By Andy Towle

Toledo — Said Trump “You know, In some states, thousands of people—nobody young. Below the age of 18, like, nobody. They have a strong immune system, who knows? You look…Take your hat off to the young, because they have a hell of an immune system. But it affects virtually nobody. It’s an amazing thing.” (More)

Edge Logo Hunky Firefighter Throws Water on Wildfire Conspiracy Theories, Goes Viral on TikTok

Hunky Firefighter Throws Water on Wildfire Conspiracy Theories, Goes Viral on TikTok

By Kilian Melloy

Cyberspace — A hunky firefighter took to TikTok to extinguish some inflammatory conspiracy theory claims about the wildfires raging on America's West Coast and threw off enough sparks in doing so to set social media ablaze. (More)

Logo Logo

Get Your Gay Club Fix With Bright Light Bright Light’s Joyful “Fun City”

By John Russell

Cyberspace — As the title suggests, Fun City is a joyful record, packed with queer voices: Jake Shears, Andy Bell, and Sam Sparro are just a few of the guest vocalists featured on its 12 tracks. And Thomas is doing his damnedest to maintain that energy, despite the fact that his plans to tour have been quashed by COVID-19. To celebrate the album’s release on September 18, he’s put together a live TV special that will stream online and benefit both the Ali Forney Center and local New York nightlife workers via the Club Cumming Community Chest. (More)

Gaily Grind Logo CBS Abruptly Drops ‘Love Island’ Contestant as Gay Adult Film Past Surfaces

CBS Abruptly Drops ‘Love Island’ Contestant as Gay Adult Film Past Surfaces

By Staff

Hollywood — On Sunday’s episode of Love Island, viewers noticed there was one islander who suddenly vanished from the show without explanation from the producers. (More)

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TikTok Apologizes for Removing LGBTI Content: ‘We Really Got That Wrong’

By David Hudson

Cyberspace — Earlier this month, TikTok admitted it restricted LGBTI-related hashtags in some countries. The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) conducted a study into TikTok hashtags. It found the app ‘shadowbans’ LGBTI-related hashtags in countries such as Jordan, Russia, and Bosnia. For example, if you search for the word transgender in Arabic, it would yield zero results. (More)

Advocate Logo Meet the Iranian-Born Manager Uplifting Queer Models

Meet the Iranian-Born Manager Uplifting Queer Models

By Donald Padgett

New York — He may be known as the man who helped make Stella Maxwell and Irina Shayk famous, but Iranian-born Ali Kavoussi teems with humility. There’s a sense of compassion and simple human decency in his soft-spoken voice. (More)

GayCities Logo

Las Vegas to Get Its First Fully Smoke-Free Hotel and Casino Resort

By David Hudson

Las Vegas — Depending on where you’re traveling from, one of the things that may surprise you on your first trip to Las Vegas is being hit by the smell of cigarette smoke in its famed casinos. Whereas New York City and Los Angeles ban smoking in all enclosed public spaces, most of Vegas still allows its gamblers to puff away while they dream of winning big. (More)

Pride.com Logo Brad Gibson's Gorgeous Queer Love Song Reveres Black Masculinity

Brad Gibson's Gorgeous Queer Love Song Reveres Black Masculinity

By Taylor Henderson

Cyberspace — You aren't a fool to fall for Brad Gibson, the rising New York-based artist with vocals like silk who just dropped stunning visuals for his latest track, "FOOL." (More)