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September 23rd, 2020

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Coverboy Have You Registered To Vote?

Have You Registered To Vote?


Daddy Logo

National Voter Registration Day

By Daddy

Las Vegas — September 22nd was "National Voter Registration Day." LGBTQnation.com points out that: "States regularly purge their voter rolls. Check to make sure you're registered." With just about 41 days to the election the window is rapidly closing to be apart of this once in a lifetime event. Don't be one of those 20% in the LGBTQ+ community that won't get to have their voice heard."

I was able to try the Sugar Free Honey BBQ on some pork ribs that were on sale. Cooked them in my Anova Sous Vite cooker which was one of my best purchases of a few years ago. It cooked while I slept overnight (155° for 14 hours) to bring them up to temperature nad then used the oven to add the glaze on them. (Brush on BBQ Sauce; 350° for 7 minutes; Repeated ~3 times) Best way to go in the desert and the result was mouth watering.

To all those that have donated, Thank you for your donations!. Any help is appreciated. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page

GayCities Logo Gay Couple’s Hotel Photo Shoot Prompts Praise and Criticism in Singapore

Gay Couple’s Hotel Photo Shoot Prompts Praise and Criticism in Singapore

By David Hudson

.SINGAPORE — The W Hotel in Singapore has prompted hundreds of comments on social media after re-sharing an image of a same-sex couple who recently enjoyed a stay at the location. The W brand has 59 hotels in 25 countries and is known for being a chain that values diversity. However, Singapore still has a Colonial-era law banning gay sex, which means brands tend to tread a little more carefully when it comes to using positive LGBTQ imagery. (More)

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A Gay Dad’s Letter to His Gay Son

By David Taylor

Print — When crossing the threshold into adulthood, many of us wish we had some sort of blueprint or roadmap helping us navigate life’s many dangers and inequalities, and that’s exactly what award-winning Broadway, television and film producer Richie Jackson has done for his elder son in his new book, “Gay Like Me: A Father Writes to His Son.” (More)

Edge Logo Meet Aussie Tik-Tok Sensation Ricky Rosen

Meet Aussie Tik-Tok Sensation Ricky Rosen

By Staff

Cyberspace — Move over Michael Buble. In just a few short months 21-year old Australian medical student and singer Ricky Rosen has amassed some 330,000 followers and more than 3.7 million likes in the past six months, the Daily Mail reports. "His most viral video, a clip singing 'Bubbly' by Colbie Caillat in five separate accents, has more than 4.2million views." (More)

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Trump Threatens to Block Biden Victory With ‘Executive Order’

By Adrian Garcia

Fayetteville — At a campaign rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Saturday, Trump threatened to sign an executive order that would block his Democratic rival from being sworn in as president in the event Joe Biden wins in November. (More)

Out.com Logo 'Ratched's Cynthia Nixon Explains How Her Queerness Changed the Show

'Ratched's Cynthia Nixon Explains How Her Queerness Changed the Show

By Tracy E. Gilchrist

Streaming — There’s a scene early in the new Ryan Murphy series Ratched in which Cynthia Nixon’s character Gwendolyn, press secretary to the California governor, not only teaches Sarah Paulson’s Mildred Ratched how to eat an oyster, but feeds it to her. (More)

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Ellen DeGeneres Addresses “Toxic Workplace” Allegations in Season 18 Premiere

By Sam Manzella

Hollywood — Ellen DeGeneres has had quite the summer, and she’s finally opening up about it. In the opening monologue from the Season 18 premiere of The Ellen Show, the out comedian took a beat to address the now-infamous “toxic work environment” on her show’s set. “If you’re watching this because you love me, thank you,” DeGeneres quipped to the show’s virtual audience. “If you’re watching this because you don’t love me, welcome.” (More)

Advocate Logo

"It Gets Better Still Offers Hope 10 Years After Its Founding

By Daniel Reynolds

Los Angeles — The It Gets Better Project is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The nonprofit, which began with Dan Savage and Terry Miller's viral movement of recording videos of hope for LGBTQ+ youth in order to prevent suicide, is now helmed by Brian Wenke, the executive director since 2016. (More)

TowleRoad Logo

Tom Goss Undergoes a Bearish Baptism in ‘Amsterdam’

By Staff

Hollywood — Tom Goss has released his latest single and video “Amsterdam” which the singer-songwriter describes as “liquid pop.” The new video, directed by Michael Serrato, is appropriately wet.

Said Goss of the sexual encounter that inspired “Amsterdam: “It started in the shower. We were kissing and holding each other tightly, with water pouring down over us. I had this overwhelming feeling of peace and acceptance of who I am, like I was being baptized in a whole new way. Never in my life has a moment felt more spiritual, pure and overwhelmingly good.” (More)

Pride.com Logo Literally Just a Pic of Diplo With His Cheeks Out

Literally Just a Pic of Diplo With His Cheeks Out

By Raffy Ermac

.JAMAICA — Summer may technically be over, but you know what they say: "suns out, buns out!" At least that's the motto Grammy-winning producer and LGBTQ+ ally Diplo is living by these days, as evidenced by a, um...plentiful new pic he posted to his Insta account recently. (More)