FAQ —Email Issues

How do we contact you?

The best way to contact us is to send email to daddy@daddysreviews.com It's important that you have a subject line. Our email filters dump messages with no subjects and into the spam mailbox. Due to the volume of mail that we receive, you should understand that it may take a while for us to respond.

Is my email private?

No, Any communications that you send us may be used on the web site.

I've tried to contact you several times, why haven't I heard back from you?

Most likely because either your mail or my mail is being filtered out. It's important that you always have a subject line on your message and that you don't shout (i.e. TYPE YOUR MESSAGE IN ALL UPPERCASE). I use a spam filter because of the thousands of spam that I get each and everyday and those are common reasons for messages to be filtered.

Be sure to check your spam folder to make sure that our messages are not being dumped there. Our domain name is enough for some of the more aggressive ones. AOL can be very aggressive and about the only way around it is to add our domain name to your whitelist.

Because of the potential for abuse, I will not click on links to authenticate messages. If you're on Earthlink, you'll need to add me to your approved list of users. I treat such requests as a bounced message. Messages would be coming from either "daddy@daddysreviews.com" or "reviews@daddysreviews.com".

Why are you sending me messages that contain virus or advertising?

The short answer is that the email is not from us. There are several virus out in the world that when they infect a user's machine will look through all of that users address books for valid addresses that are then used to try to fool other users.

We don't use mailings lists, and all of our email (both inbound and outbound) are checked before the mail is transferred to make sure that mail is clean.

Note: We never attach a file to a message without giving you a warning of what exactly we're sending and the approximate size. If you receive a message with an attachment that purports to be from us, DO NOT OPEN IT.