FAQ — I'm an Escort

I'm an escort and I want a review on your site. How do I do that?

We're not a listing site, so the only way to have a review page on the site is to have a client submit a review. Be the most professional escort you can be. Eventually a client will hire you, have a great time and submit a review.

My review has disappeared, What's up?

If there has been no activity in last couple of years, it's inactive. If your reviews predate 1/1/2016 your reviews have been taken offline because of the SESTA/FOSTA act that was signed into law in April, 2018. All those reviews will need to be vetted before being allowed back up

Upon request Daddy will review your page, and vet it for content. Send him an email: daddy@daddysreviews.com and let him know. Don't forget to include your stage name and the city that you were listed under.

I'm showing up in the "Older Reviews" tab, how do I get that fixed?

It usually means that I haven't heard anything about you in the last couple of years. But currently it means that Daddy is still updating the database and his administrative interface. Send him an email: daddy@daddysreviews.com and let him know. Don't forget the name and city, his telepathy circuit is still on the fritz!

How do I correct my information?

Please send me an email to daddy@daddysreviews.com with your request. Be sure that the subject line contains your name and city. For example: "John Doe/Andreville - Change". If at all possible, send it from the email account that is listed on your review page.

How to I change my picture?

We'll gladly change your picture after 30 days. Pictures will not automatically be updated every 30 days. It only means that it will be considered every 30 days depending on the workload.

Please review the Photographs section of the FAQ for more information.

How do I get to be CoverBoy of the day?

The cover picture is chosen from the day's reviews or new pictures. The only real requirement is that we see his eyes. The Coverboy does not represent this site and being selected does not imply an endorsement from this site. We try to select a variety of looks in coverboys. There is no charge for being the coverboy.

Can I link to my review page?

Of course! We provide an "Direct" url that you can use to access your review. Click the banner below to see the available banners and get details of how to link to your review:

Linking to Reviews

A client has submitted a review, Where is it?

Until a review is published; We will only tell you that one or more reviews are in the queue.

Your client should contact us directly; doing anything else dramatically slows the processing of the review, and greatly increases the changes that the review will be declined.

Can I be listed in more than one area?

We will list you in multiple areas only if it can be reasonably expected that you can respond to an appointment within a reasonable amount of time.

Remember, you can list your travel plans free in the MESSAGE CENTER under "Escort Travels."

What is the "Verification" I see on some review pages?

That means I had problems getting a hold of a new escort, so I asked him for his contact information. I will also will ask it on occasion (like when you move) so I don't mess it up when I update the information.

I'll believe the verification over anything else, so it's useful in the case of getting a copy of a new verification out to you.

You can always ask me for a verification form.

A client has threatened me with a negative review, what do I do?

First don't panic! This happens more than you would expect. You can always ask me If have any reviews queued and if any of them are negative.

The first thing I do when I receive a negative review is that I send a copy of the review to the escort if at all possible. Usually you'll have about two weeks to respond.

I won't look at the review again until the two week period is up. At the point I'll look at what I have available at that point.

I spend a lot of time investigating reviews. Even if the review goes up your allowed to respond to the review and you get the final say.


How do I respond to a negative review?

Simply email daddy@daddysreviews.com Make sure your name/city are the FIRST THING in the subject line of your email. You have the last word. The reviewer will not be able to respond.

My standard advise is: "Use a lot of respect and bit of humor. Don't under-estimate the power of a response because it allows clients to see how you deal with a problem.

I have been flagged, what should I do?

Generally, the flags come down after a reasonable amount of time and good reviews. Flags do not come down on scam artists.

I've retired, will you take down my reviews?

If all your advertising on the net and in magazines are taken down first we will take down your picture, purge your contact information, and show you as "Retired". This allows the various search engines to update their caches with the new information.

We recommend that you delete your escorting email address and change your phone number. Removing all traces of your Listings and Reviews can take a lot of time, you will need to be patient.

I don't want my pictures or reviews on your site...

If you want your picture removed from the site, tell me and I'll take it down! But the reviews will stand. A professional actor or other entertainer does NOT write email to Roger Ebert and demand that he stop the presses and delete his reviews of their work.

Important: Please send your request from the email address that is listed in your reviews. This is for the protection of escorts who do not want their pictures removed or information changed.

What if a review mentions HIV Status?

HIV status is by federal law considered private information. It is my policy not to publish HIV status. If it is your status, You have the right to disclose or not and I will support you in your decision. If it's your client's status, I will remove the information on request.