FAQ — Message Center

What is your relationship with the Message Center?

The Message Center is provided as a public service to the community and is operated independently of the Review Site. The views expressed in the Message Center are wholly those of the members who post them and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, policies or procedures of the management.

How do I report a posting on the Message Forum?

The fastest way to report a posting is to click the "Report Post" icon that's on the top line of the posting. This reports the message to the Moderators and Administrators. Sending a message to Daddy is the slowest method.

Why has my Message Center user name been deleted?

Inactive users are automatically deleted, so if you haven't used the Message Center in a while and it won't let you in, you'll have to re-register.

Why does it take so long to be activated?

It allows me to check that you have a pulse, and it reduces drive by shootings

Several times a week SpamBots attempt to submit reviews full of Spam, or to register for the message center. By waiting for a new user to attempt to login I am able weed these out. Most robots will only try to login once and if they don't succeed move on to easier to exploit pastures. Smarter Spambots will try several times but from different sources which allow me to detect them.

Drive by shootings are people than create a username and then immediately login to flame the message center or users of the message center. Often if they don't make it in they move on. If they don't it gives me a chance to see if they match up with known abusers.

During the week I tend to check registrations once a day. On the weekends or when I'm really busy it may take one or two days. In extreme cases it can take up to a week (i.e. When I'm traveling).