FAQ —Photographs

Can I have a nude photo on my Review Page?

Until 18 U.S.C. Section 2257 is successfully challenged in court I need to comply with the law. The record keeping requirements associated are rather onerous so I don't post "Sexually Explicit Conduct." Here is a tongue in cheek short list:

  • No Erections!
  • No Assholes!
  • No Penetration!
  • No Masturbation!
  • No Pedophilia!
  • No Necrophilia!
  • No Bestiality!
  • No Xylophilia!

Any photo I publish has to get past Daddys: "Am I willing to defend this photo in front of a judge?" and if the answer is: "No", it doesn't go up.

How do I send you pictures?

The best way is to reply to the confirmation notice or validation request that I send you. That gives me a way to go straight to the right review page. Just drag the photo into your message; In most cases it doesn't matter if it's "Attached" or "Inserted".

For the impatient you can send can send the photo to daddy@daddysreviews.com. It is important that you send me enough information to find the review page. Make sure that you give me the Name/City of the escort.

You can also send me a exact URL to the photo. Telling me that it's the 3rd photo on the 5th page of the San Diego Listing usually won't do it. If you can't get me into the ball park, it's difficult to find it.

Note: On most days, I'm not willing to jump through lots of hoops just to get a photo (i.e. www.squirt.com)

We get a lot of virus attempts each day, so we have to be fairly paranoid about any email. We wouldn't open zip files, and we won't run a program.

Most of time your photo will end up at the very end of your message. Your email should have a explicit indicator that you've attached a photo. You'll need to mention it in the subject line (i.e. "Name/City -- Photo") or in the body of your message otherwise I may miss it.

Why did you reject my photo?

In 2005 the U.S. Government revised the regulations associated with Title 18 U.S.C. § 2257 that requires very stringent record keeping for photos that depict "Sexually Explicit Conduct". In 2006 Congress has made further changes that we've yet to know the ramifications of but early indications are that Web site operations may be covered. The fines are very hefty.

The easiest way to comply is to not display those types of photos. The rule of thumb is that if you can't see it on "Late night with David Letterman", we won't be able to post it. Sexy is ok, "Hard R" is not.

We end cropping a lot of Photos; If after cropping there's nothing left to be worth publishing, we reject the photo.

Why did you crop my photo?

Usually to reduce the size of the photo so that its fits in the design of the site, or to reduce the size of the download and speed up getting the review page to the user.

Note: I do this routinely so normally you don't have to worry about it.

I routinely crop and color correct photos for editorial purposes to improve the quality of the photo or lose any naughty bits (see the previous question on rejected photos).

Why did you use another photo?

I found another photo that I feel is better. Remember that with new reviews that I check for a web presence and may find several.

Occasionally, when I put up a new review I follow the web links to make sure that they are still valid. If I notice a better photo, I may pull the new one down.

Why did you ask for a new photo?

If I find that your rotating through the same set of photos, I may ask for new material because I got bored looking at the same picture time after time.

When I notice a 10 year old photo on a 1 year review, I may ask for a new photo.

Note: The users and I really do prefer to see you as you are now. Don't laugh it happens fairly often and we do notice those type of details.

I want pictures of children, do you publish any?

Absolutely NOT. We are against child pornography and people that take sexual advantage of underage kids.

Note: We register with several child protection agencies to keep children out of this site and take several measures to trigger and warn filter packages that we contain "Adult Content". Furthermore, we do not stand for or support anything dealing with NAMBLA.