FAQ —I'm a reviewer

Why does it take so long to publish a review?

It usually takes 1-2 weeks for a review to be published. Here is the "Top Ten" list of reasons why it may take longer:

  1. I'm usually working one or more day jobs; and I insist on taking two days a week off. One day for sleeping and the other to work on the next version of the Site.
  2. I purposely keep a 1-2 week backlog so that the well doesn't run dry. This also allows me to take an occasional trip to maintain my sanity.
  3. I'm waiting on a first time reviewer to provide their phone number.
  4. I'm waiting on a Escort to provide contact information because I only have his email address.
  5. I'm giving the Escort a chance to respond to a negative reviews before it's published.
  6. The Escort has 30+ reviews and I am spacing them a month apart to maintain variety.
  7. The Escort has 15+ reviews and I am spacing them two weeks apart to maintain variety.
  8. I'm investigating a review or set of reviews and I haven't reached a conclusion.
  9. I had received a greater number of updates than normal and I'm folding them in a few at a time.
  10. The review got placed in the wrong mail box. (Sending me the confirmation email is the fastest way for me to find it!)

Why do you request my phone number?

We require phone numbers from 1st time reviewers because it significantly improves the quality of the reviews and reduces vendetta type reviews.

Otherwise it gives us a chance to discretely discuss the review with you. This mostly happens on negative reviews.

Why can't I find my review by area?

We place a review in the Escorts Home City. If he moves, we move them to the new area. If the escort retires we usually indicate that on his review page. However, in unusual situations we may remove the review.

Try looking for the review "By Name". If you think we've misplaced it send a email with enough information to track it down.

Why did my review show up under another name?

Reviews submitted with only an escort's "Handle" instead of a stage name will not be published. We strongly encourage Escorts to use a stage name because handles change more often than we or the consumer can keep up with. We know escorts do not use their real name. When they are selecting a stage name, they should also pick a last name. That will avoid having a number after their name (ie: Chris #1, Chris #2, Chris #3.) And it will be better in establishing an identity that we can remember.

May I submit a 2nd review for an escort?

Yes, as long as the new session is 6 months or more from the previous session. We strongly suggest that you mention this in the review so that It won't delay the review.

How long can I take to submit a review?

We prefer reviews to be about sessions within the past 60 days. Any longer will be considered on a case-by-case basis.