FAQ — Subbmitting a Review

What are you looking for in a review?

In general I am looking for enough information that another person can make a determination of whether they are interested or not.

One line reviews that say: "I had a good time" tend to get rejected out of hand. Reviews that sound like blatant advertising tend to be returned for a rewrite. Reviews that are one long diatribe to castigate someone or something tend to be ignored.

Ideally reviews should be unsolicited with no one the wiser until it has been reviewed. Reviews should be written in neutral tone, be respectful, and show tolerance.

Note: I always solicit a response to a negative review and I get rather upset when the review process is used to threaten someone.

How do I submit a review?

If you look at the top of the web site, you'll find a link marked “Submit”. That'll take you to a form to start your review.

How do I submit a review with multiple Escorts?

You submit one review for each escort in the order that you want them listed. You only need to put the session information (i.e. experience) in the first review. In the subsecquent reviews just cue me to look at the first review and the names of the all the escorts involved. It's important that you give me the full contact information on each escort.

Who can submit a review?

Basically we accept reviews from anybody. If it's an unusual circumstance we expect you to be up front and mention that in the review.

For example: Reviewing your roommate, reviewing your agency, your phone number is the same as the reviewer)

If you don't we'll either decline the review or mark it as suspicious. Writing you own review is too narcissistic for even Daddy to handle.

Can I make changes to my review?

Up to the time that we publish the review, it's fairly easy to change the review. It will delay the processing because we have to go back and work it into the queue. If you do it multiple times we will eventually “Shoot the writer and put it out anyway”.

Reply to the confirmation notice and tell us what the changes are. It is important that you highlight the change in some way because I really don't have a easy way to do a character by character compare.

You've asked me not to shout; What do mean?

ON THE INTERNET THAT'S WHEN YOU TYPE WITH ALL CAPTIAL LETTERS. It's very difficult for the average person to read, Too much work to correct. We tend to just bounce the review.

note: i can handle "all lowercase" reviews. i have a utility program that almost does a good job in correcting that. fair enough?

Do you take "No-Show" reviews?

In general we look at these on a case-by-case basis. In general we "Hold" these type of reviews because it is very difficult to verify this type of situation.

What if I prepaid for a "No Show"?

In general, you should never prepay for services. If you come across a site that asks for a prepayment via Western Union or Money order, it is highly probable that it's a Scam.

Do not submit a review because there will be a delay before I see it. Send email directly to daddy@daddysreviews.com and include the details as this is not the norm for the industry.

What if I don't like his attitude...

Hooboy once said: "Folks, if you didn't eat at the restaurant, I don't think you can write about the sashimi. If you don't like the way the menu looks or if the staff has an attitude problem, move on. Do not try to dish the dish."

How long does it take for a review to be posted?

Typically reviews are published within one to two weeks. We tend to publish them in the order received but popular escorts, new escorts, new reviewers, and negative reviews, can take up to thirty days to publish.

The first thing you should look for is a confirmation message that we've received it and that it's queued up for processing.

I didn't get a confirmation message after a week...

During the week I tend to send out confirmations once a day. On the weekends or when I'm really busy it may take one or two days. In extreme cases it can take up to a week (i.e. When I'm traveling).

First check to see if it's in your spam folder, and also that you've whitelisted our domain (i.e. It's ok to receive email from “daddysreviews.com”).

If you can't find it, most likely your email bounced, and the review has been placed on “hold” and We'll need more information to track it down. Send an email to daddy@daddysreviews.com with enough information to track it down (i.e. The Escort's Name/City and your Handle).

We'll get back to you and let you know what we need to get your review back on track.

The review hasn't been published after a month...

Most likely it got stuck waiting for something to happen. The fastest way to get results is to reply to the original confirmation message and ask for status.

If your review got lost, the confirmation message will allow us to requeue it immediately.

Important: Do not submit another review; it'll only slow the process down even more.

I can't remember my previous reviews...

Hooboy had several laughs at my expense for this exact reason, so you will get a bit of sympathy. After all it's the 2nd thing to go. I do reserve the right to express a fond giggle.

Best case is that I'll be able to track them down because you used the exact same handle, email address, or phone number. Remember that even one or two Names/Cities may be enough for me to figure it out.

Worse case If I can't track them down, is that I'll treat you as a first time reviewer.

How do I submit a picture for a review?

It's best to wait for the confirmation notice to arrive, and follow the instructions in the confirmation notice.

For the impatient, If he has a website, right click on your favorite picture of him, save it to your desktop (or someplace you will remember), then email it to us following the instructions in Photographs section of the FAQ

If you are sending us to a website, please be as specific as you can with exact URL of where the picture is.

My confirmation has strange characters...

Normally you don't need to do anything. The problem is that we actually use several computers to process the reviews and sometimes your browser will use characters that are specific to your operating environment.

When we send out the confirmation notice, we are actually using a computer program to generate the message. Currently that program is fairly simple minded and only sends the confirmation out in plain text. Eventually, we'll have to time to make it smart enough to work with the different characters set.

The programs we use to publish the web site understands most of the different character sets and tends to fix it up when we insert the review.