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What do the different Icons Mean?

Escort has retired The Escort has retired.
Has Photo The review has a photograph.
Multiple Escorts It even impressed us. What a party!
Massage Only Massage Only!
Trans-Sexual Trans-Sexual
Old Review We haven't heard anything in the last couple years.
Duel Escorts

The review was a session with more than one escort.

Flagged Review We found a problem with these reviews.

We've checked into it, and it was above board.

Reviewer Suspect There is a problem with the reviewer.

Why does that guy have a gun to his head?

Flagged Review

That's not a gun; it's a referee with a whistle. We put that icon on reviews that we've found problems with..

Why does the Escort have the last word?

Mainly to prevent long drawn out cat fights. Each individual gets to state his case and it's time to move on. We find that the rebuttals open a window into the escort's soul that is not normally seen. The good guys shine and the bad eggs show their true colors in a rebuttal.

How do I Search for a review?

Click the "Reviews" menu at the top. Then click the "By Name" tab to search for the review by name or the "By Date" tab if you remember the approximate date it was published.

What happened to the older reviews?

Most likely the Escort has retired. We usually will mark the review page as "Retired", remove any photographs, and purge the contact information.

There are special cases where we will drop the entire review page as a courtesy to the Escort. Occasionally we will drop a review page when both parties ask. All such requests are handled on a case-by-case basis and requires an acceptable reason for doing so.

Reviews published by Hooboy prior to 02/25/2003 are in a legal limbo. As there has been no movement in this area for several years, It is unlikely that it will ever be resolved. If an agreement can be reached, it is my intention to bring them back as the "Hooboy Archive."

Reviews published by Hooboy and myself from Febuary 2003 to his untimely passing in March 2005 are less problematical but these reviews need to be recreated from the database and republished to avoid legal issues. This is a painfully slow process; however each version of the website brings us a little bit closer to being able to do so.

Reviews that I published after Hooboys passing will eventually be republished from the database. Reviews published after 08/01/2006 are available in the current site.

What is an Escort?

We consider professional escorts to be companions who are paid for their time only.

Note: We do not condone, promote or endorse prostitution. Any information that is posted on this website is for entertainment or research purposes only. All descriptions of activities are the responsibility of the contributors.

Can you recommend an escort?

We are not an escort agency and it is our policy not to make recommendations.

Note: We assume that all rates quoted are for time only and anything that transpires between consenting adults are between them. Any review that makes claims of sex in exchange for a fee will be edited or deleted.