January 15th, 2021

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Coverboy Chadwick Edwards of San Francisco

Chadwick Edwards of San Francisco

Our reviews today include: Chadwick Edwards of San Francisco,  Silver Steele of Houston,  Dario of Washington D.C.,  Roman of Los Angeles,  J Muscle of Boston,  Click our Coverboy to see today's reviews. (More)

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Two Weeks of Leftovers From the "Year From Hell"

By Daddy

Las Vegas — The two weeks of my vacation seem to be overflow from "The Year from Hell," during that time we have had two events that are of such a magnitude that one has to wonder how long we're going to last as a republic.

The United State Capital has only been breached twice in our history. The first time was by the British who set the building on fire in 1814. The second time was an insurrection by United States citizens incited by a sitting president in 2021. Five people died and over fifty people wounded. We don't know how much damage was inflicted to the building, but we can say it's significant given the photos seen.

The second event is even more disturbing. Only four Presidents have been impeached in the history of the United States. However this time set a record, it is the only time that any President has been impeached twice. This time the president was accused by Congress of "Inciting To Insurgence" as a result of his speech to a rally outside the White House while congress was assembling to count the electoral votes.

Now the interesting piece of trivia is that there is no time limit for when the house must pass the impeachment to the Senate. There is nothing that requires that the Senate to take it up. Officials have indicated that the Senate would not take it up before the 19th when they are scheduled to reconvene. It's unlikely that the Senate will take it up on the last day of the current term.

The incoming Senate is evenly split at 50/50 with Kamala Harris being the tie breaker. However Impeachment requires a 2/3rds majority to convict. In this case that means 17 more people from the Republican side. So the question is how many Senators has Trump pissed off?

So why take it up with the incoming Senate?

Two interesting reasons: According to the Constitution Article I, Section 3 says: “Judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States.” If convicted Trumps political career would be over.

The 1958 Former Presidents Act which provides post-office benefits to former presidents; these currently include a $200,000/year pension, health insurance, a yearly travel budget, and a full security detail, all at the taxpayer's expense. Trump could be disqualified from these benefits.

Over the past month I've developed another diabetic foot ulcer. It snuck up on mr because I couldn't see it being it was in the arch area. I called up the wound clinic to schedule a visit. It turns out that they had dropped my insurance company and referred me to the previous wound clinic that had dropped me after two visits. They are back on my insurance company. They want me to go have a ultrasound and have the have the CROW boot be checked for fit.

I have all of the large items bundled up in the new mesh clothes hampers, two rolls of quarters, and ready to go to the double size washer a bit down the street. I need to do the laundry on one of my "High Energy" days as it takes a lot out of me.

My workstation credenza is almost done for the current iteration. The big thing is that the rats nest of cables in back have been tamed. The cubes have been rearranged to a more usable format and that last big project is almost complete.

I've been able to get a lot of work done on one of my software projects. Given the dearth of information on the internet, it appears that I'm the first person to interface Swift to a COM library. I'm do the point where I can initialize the library and working on calling the first function.

To all those that have donated, Thank you! January is a bit tight but I have a good start on it. Any help is appreciated. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page

Out.com Logo Nyle DiMarco Strips Down for Calendar, Launches New Company

Nyle DiMarco Strips Down for Calendar, Launches New Company

By Mikelle Street

Cyberspace — If you thought that model, actor, and activist Nyle DiMarco's new work behind the scenes was going to stop him from getting in front of the camera, think again. The America's Next Top Model winner is one of a group of stars to appear in V Magazine's 2021 calendar. (More)

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Vaccines and Masks: Biden Plan Aims to Break Pandemic Cycle

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Bill Barrow (AP)

Washington — A coronavirus action plan being unveiled by President-elect Joe Biden centers on a mass vaccination campaign and closer coordination among all levels of government. The Biden plan comes as a divided nation remains caught in the grip of the pandemic's most dangerous wave yet. So far, more than 380,000 Americans have died. (More)

TowleRoad Logo Siegfried & Roy’s Siegfried Fischbacher Has Died at 81

Siegfried & Roy’s Siegfried Fischbacher Has Died at 81

By Andy Towle

Las Vegas — Siegfried Fischbacher, one half of the long-running Las Vegas magic act Siegfried and Roy, which featured live big cats such as lions, cheetahs, and, famously, two white tigers has died of pancreatic cancer at age 81, just eight months after his partner in magic Roy Horn died of complications related to COVID-19. (More)

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Hacker Seizes Control of Internet-Enabled Chasity Cages, Demands Bitcoin Ransom

By Adrian Garcia

Cyberspace — A hacker has reportedly taken control of people’s internet-connected chastity cages and demanded a ransom to be paid in Bitcoin to unlock it. “Your cock is mine now,” the hacker told one of the victims, according to a screenshot of the conversation obtained by a security researcher that goes by the name Smelly. (More)

Advocate Logo Gay Congressman Hands Trump a Humiliating Second Impeachment

Gay Congressman Hands Trump a Humiliating Second Impeachment

By Neal Broverman

Washington — Rhode Island's David Cicilline swiftly indicted the president for inciting an insurrection. Donald Trump has made history again, this time for being the first president in America's 245-year history to be impeached twice. (More)

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FDA-Funded Study Could Lead to End of Gay Blood Ban

By Staff

United States — Months after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) incrementally loosened the blood donation ban targeting men who have sex with men, the federal agency is funding a pilot study that could finally do away with the outdated policy. (More)

Pride.com Logo This Doritos Ad Featuring a Happy Coming Out Story Will Hit You Right in the Feels

This Doritos Ad Featuring a Happy Coming Out Story Will Hit You Right in the Feels

By Raffy Ermac

.MEXICO — If the past year taught us anything, it's that the most unexpectedly heartwarming of moments can happen in the most random of places, and instead of questioning it, we should just enjoy it. Such is the case with this gay-centered Doritos Mexico ad that literally has us all up in our feels. (More)

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U=U Finds a Home in India

By Trudy Ring

.INDIA — India’s government offers free antiretroviral treatment to all people living with HIV, but still just over half are on meds, and not all of them are sticking to their regimen, even though that’s key to maintaining their own health and assuring they won’t transmit the virus to others. So health care providers in Chennai, the nation’s fifth-largest city, are tapping into the power of entertainment and social media to spread the message of undetectable equals untransmittable. (More)

XBIZ Logo Ricky Roman, Ty Mitchell Take New York for NakedSword

Ricky Roman, Ty Mitchell Take New York for NakedSword

By JC Adams

San Francisco — NakedSword Originals is welcoming the new year with the launch of its first limited series of 2021, "I Love New York." The opening installment stars Ty Mitchell alongside Ricky Roman in his studio debut. (More)